Stauff presents the soft-sealing cutting ring

New to the Stauff Connect product range and introduced for the first time at the Hanover Fair are FI-WDDS-type soft-sealing cutting rings, which compensate for settling effects in tube fittings, for example, from temperature fluctuations or from pressure pulse and vibration loads in a hydraulic system. With 24° tube connectors, 37° flared tube fittings and […]

Why young engineers need to know hydraulics in the digital age

In mechanical engineering, not every task can be solved with the same technology, explained Steffen Haack, Senior Vice President of Industrial Applications Bosch Rexroth AG at this week’s Hannover Fair. Hydraulics have a clear advantage when it comes to power density and robustness. They withstand impact and vibration and also fit into tight installation spaces […]

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How do you size hydraulic reservoirs for aircraft hydraulic systems?

Hydraulic reservoirs in a fluid power system primarily serve as a storage tanks to contain sufficient volume of hydraulic fluid and subsequently cater to the fluid demand by the pump during system operation. Additionally, the reservoirs account for the thermal expansion/contraction of the hydraulic fluid and also provide for acceptable levels of external leakage at the […]

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Hannover Messe update, Day 4: Working smarter, digitally

Hannover Messe is one show where you’ll see a lot of new product releases. Here’s a sampling of what we’re seeing: EPLAN Cogineer, an innovative new development to automatically generate schematics, is celebrating its premiere here. SVP of Product Management and Development Dieter Pesch said, “We’ve developed a solution that is easy to use and yet very […]

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Small, big and fast products at Hannover Messe

Among the announcements coming out of Hannover this week, Argo-Hytos introduced the new CFP compact filter pack. It’s a multi-purpose off-line filtration unit dedicated for servicing compact power packs on a daily basis, not just during start-up or breakdowns. It’s designed for tanks ranging from 1 to 100 l in size. According to the company, […]

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Curtiss-Wright introduces new CANbus rotary position sensor

Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has announced the launch of the NRH27C, a non-contact rotary position sensor which is suitable for use on specialty on- and off-highway vehicles utilizing CANbus communications. Developed by Curtiss-Wright’s legacy brand of Penny & Giles, the NRH27C extends the company’s recently-introduced NRH271 and NRH272 family and shares many similar features and benefits. […]

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Mostly positive vibes for fluid power from OEMs from Vegas

The old adage about the global economy says that when the U.S. sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. So it goes with the relationship between the health of mobile equipment markets and fluid power demand. Based on comments at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, most global executives are cautiously optimistic about future prospects. Sam Allen, CEO, […]

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How much hydraulic safety awareness do you have?

Hydraulic safety knowledge and respect for the hazards of hydraulics is gained through training and mentoring; however, the practice of learn as you go is an unacceptable way to gain safety knowledge. Even though electrical components meet standards, when they are assembled into a circuit, the circuit must be inspected to meet codes of the […]

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Webtec offering custom hydraulic valve design service

Any OEM producing mobile machinery for industries such as construction, mining, agriculture or energy, will be familiar with the limitation of having to design hydraulic solutions around standard parts. Most hydraulic valve manufacturers, for example, will typically seek volumes of around 5,000 to 10,000 a year to design a new valve. As a result, many […]

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AutomationDirect adds Total Air Preparation (TAP) Units and Ethernet/IP (EIP) modules

AutomationDirect’s line of NITRA pneumatics now includes new Total Air Prep (TAP) units and NITRA Ethernet/IP protocol compact modular valve (CMV series) modules. Both TAP units contain an automatic drain air filter with clogged filter indicator, relieving regulator, lockable shut-off valve, pressure gauge and air dump. Electric models also have an adjustable electric soft start […]

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Trelleborg’s seal materials tested for optimum performance based on fluid type

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has carried out a series of tests to show the importance of fluid type and seal material choice in “ensuring optimum seal performance and service life.” The company worked with fluid producer MacDermid to test the effect of water glycol fluids on common seal materials. Together the engineers for both companies tested […]

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NFPA’s economic update webinar

Chris Steele, an economist with ITR Economics, will help listeners gain critical insight into the economic risks and opportunities facing their organization during these uncertain economic conditions. This webinar will provide insights into the latest economic developments and future trends for the U.S. and global economy and their effects on the fluid power industry. The […]

Muncie launches new RS6S-P89M series rear-mount power take-off

Muncie Power Products Inc. has introduced its new RS6S-P89M Series rear-mount power take-off. The RS6S-P89M power take-off features an integral hydraulic mount for structural support of hydraulic pumps up to 60 lb without additional transmission support but has a bending moment limit of 29.5 ft-lb maximum. The RS6S-P89M takes advantage of the full torque capacity […]

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William L. Clippard III, Clippard board chair, receives Lifetime Achievement Award

William L. Clippard, (Bill), Chairman of the Board of Clippard Instrument Laboratory Inc., recently received the highly prestigious Stillman Robinson Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of The Ohio State University for his commitment to the field of engineering. The Stillman Robinson Lifetime Achievement Award honors retired or emeritus alumni who have distinguished […]

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Hannover Messe update, Day 3: A sneak peek at Rittal before the show

Prior to my visit to the Hannover Messe this week, I had the chance to visit several Rittal factories in central Germany, including the company’s world headquarters, global distribution center and new innovation center. It’s always incredible to visit a manufacturing plant where you can watch raw materials—here, 5-ton coils of steel—be turned into a […]

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Fluid Power Technology Conference returns to Milwaukee

The Fluid Power Technology Conference, presented by Fluid Power World, will once again be held at the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Kern Center, on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 16 and 17, marking the return of this opportunity for experts and users to gather together at the one of the nation’s most innovative fluid power universities. […]

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Servopneumatics embraces Cinema 4.0

Experiencing films with all the senses is what cinema audiences can expect in one of the world’s 18,000 MediaMation cinema seats. With this concept, the whole body senses the movie, thanks to movements controlled by Festo’s servopneumatics and VTEM motion terminals. In essence, this provides a unique way of combining the digital world with pneumatics. […]

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Compressed air delivery via modular interfaces allows thousands of mating cycles

HARTING, Espelkamp, Germany, has announced the development of a new compressed air module at Hannover Messe, which is designed to meet the increased demands on interfaces for flexible production processes – the Han Pneumatic Module Metal. It employs robust, durable high mating cycles contacts made of metal that can be plugged and unplugged at least 10,000 […]

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Hannover Messe update, Day 2: So many countries, so little time

Hannover Messe is, at its heart, an international show. There are 6,500 exhibitors here from across the globe … let that sink in for a minute. Here’s a rundown of what some different countries are highlighting here in Germany this week: Poland We have to start with Poland, as this European neighbor of Germany is the official […]

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Predictive maintenance at the forefront at Hannover

Moving beyond simple preventive maintenance for fluid-power systems, more than a dozen companies are looking to the future in a special Predictive Maintenance 4.0 exhibit at the Hannover Fair. The goal is not only to monitor the condition of machines and note anomalies, but also to use analytics and cloud-based systems to determine the remaining […]

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HydraForce to acquire Hydraulic Designers Ltda

HydraForce, Lincolnshire, Ill., continues to expand its global hydraulics manufacturing capabilities with a key acquisition in Brazil. The independent manufacturer of hydraulic cartridge valves, manifolds and electro-hydraulic controls recently signed an agreement to acquire its current distributor and global systems integrator, Hydraulic Designers Ltda. This acquisition will give HydraForce a greater presence in the burgeoning […]

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Hengli America to open new, larger facility May 1

Hengli America will start operating from its newly acquired 47,000-ft2 facility located in Bolingbrook, Ill. on May 1st. Since 2012, Hengli America Corp., a subsidiary of Hengli Hydraulics’ headquartered in China, has focused on developing customers within the US hydraulics industry. As reported earlier this year, the new facility will allow Hengli to support all products […]

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PIRTEK expands South Florida presence with new location in Palm Beach

PIRTEK has expanded its South Florida presence with a new location in Palm Beach. Owner Sam Belin opened PIRTEK Palm Beach earlier this month, staffing it with three technicians and two Mobile Service Vehicles. He plans to add a third vehicle in a few months. PIRTEK is the only franchise of its kind in the […]

Hannover Messe update, Day 1: IoT takes center stage

There’s always so much to see at the Hannover Messe, and this year is no exception to that rule. Some of the highlights: Parker unveils new “Voice of the Machine” platform Parker Hannifin Corp. unveiled its Voice of the Machine IoT platform today. This is an open, interoperable and scalable ecosystem of connected products and services. As […]

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Muncie expands its low-speed, high-torque motor line with MH series

Muncie Power Products Inc. has expanded its line of low speed high torque motors with its latest addition – the MH Series. The MH Series low-speed, high-torque motor is available in 16 displacement sizes. Its roller gerotor design reduces sliding friction between the rotor and stator. The roller gerotor design provides smooth performance, high efficiency […]

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