Holmbury couplers make simultaneous hydraulic connections

The MP series of multiplate couplers from Holmbury, Eastlake, Ohio, lets users simultaneously connect multiple hydraulic lines. The MP Series inherits the benefits of Holmbury’s flat-face coupler design. The product is currently available with a 4- or 6-port design. The devices feature connect-under-pressure male couplers that permit bidirectional flow. The couplers are circlip mounted and […]

Hydraulic valves for explosive atmospheres

Potentially explosive mixtures of gas, vapor, mist or dust aren’t unusual in many chemical and petrochemical plants or, for example, in mines. Thus, it is necessary to ensure a high level of protection against explosion for every component on equipment used in these industries, according to officials at ARGO-HYTOS, Zug, Switzerland. When using hydraulic components, […]

Soft robotics design winners announced

The third annual Soft Robotics Design and Research Competitions rated projects that exhibited novel and innovative approaches to soft robotics components and research. Winners of the contest have just been announced. The competition is sponsored by the Soft Robotics Toolkit, a team that grew out of research at Harvard University and Trinity College Dublin that […]

Duo-material seals combine strength and flexibility

Fluid-power engineers who design sealing systems always have to weigh the trade-off of minimizing leaks versus shorter operating life. In hydraulic applications, seals made from two polyurethane components could resolve the conflict between sealing tightness and strength. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, Weinheim, Germany, is now conducting research on rotating seals in which polyurethanes are bonded with new […]

Achieving required safety levels with pneumatic exhaust valves

By Linda Caron Global Product Manager, Factory Automation Pneumatic Div. Parker Hannifin Corp. As more companies increase their focus on machine safety, design engineers need a firm understanding of the Machinery Directive and how to comply with required safety levels. Installing a pneumatic safety exhaust valve can be a simple and cost-effective way to accomplish

Motion Industries names new VP/GM for Dallas division

Motion Industries, a major distributor of maintenance, repair, and operation replacement parts based in Birmingham, Ala., has named Stacy Lenard Vice President/General Manager of the company’s Dallas division, effective October 1. A native of West Monroe, La., Mr. Lenard started his career with Motion Industries in 1989. He has since moved into various positions including […]

Friction cups grip slippery materials

Piab DURAFLEX friction cups provide a firm grip on slippery materials. To simplify the task of engineering them into a design, the Hingham, Mass. based company offers an updated DURAFLEX Friction Cups poster, suitable for wall hanging. The poster shows all available suction cups with part numbers for 10 different types of fittings to suit

New Leybold vacuum pumps are robust, flexible

Industrial and research applications increasingly rely on dry and robust vacuum systems that can be tailored to a specific task. The new air-cooled SCROLLVAC plus vacuum pump from Leybold, Cologne, Germany, is said to do just that. The SCROLLVAC plus, which is an oil-free, dry running “fore” vacuum pump, qualifies for a variety of demanding

Hydraulic cylinders crush bridges

Researchers at the Technical University (TU) of Munich have developed a new test stand for examining the behavior of concrete bridge beams. To better calculate the load-carrying capacity of these beams in future constructions, six hydraulic cylinders from Liebherr Components, Nussbaumen, Switzerland, are used to press down with full force until the element breaks. The

Mini machines draw ICUEE crowds

A growing trend among many mobile equipment users is the move to smaller machines, as evidenced by the number of attendees flocking to OEM displays at the ICUEE show in Louisville, Ky. Caterpillar offered test drives of its upgraded 303E CR mini hydraulic excavator that the company says is built for productive work in confined […]

CASE displays the small and powerful at ICUEE

CASE Construction Equipment recently introduced a range of new machines, including mini excavators and powerful skid steers. They’ll be up and running October 3 to 5 at the ICUEE show in Louisville, Ky. The C Series mini excavator family expands the CASE lineup and provides a more-comprehensive and feature-driven machine for the construction, landscaping, utility […]

Komatsu updates “intelligent” hydraulic excavator

Mobile-equipment manufacturer Komatsu America, Rolling Meadows, Ill., just introduced its new PC210LCi-11 Machine Control hydraulic excavator. This second generation PC210LCi reportedly leverages the proven track record and success of the previous PC210LCi-10, while increasing machine functionality. Key features of Komatsu’s Machine Control technology used in this unit include a factory-integrated sensor package with a GNSS […]

Fluid-power universities among world’s best

With kids returning to school, parents and academics alike are gravitating to the annual college ratings hitting the newsstands. One of note is the World University Rankings 2018, published by Times Higher Education, a spin-off of London’s The Times newspaper. It reviewed about 20,000 research-intensive universities around the world and ranks the best from 1 […]

Nanovate CoP replaces chromium rod plating

Steel used in aggressive environments subjected to corrosion coupled with high wear have traditionally used electroplated “engineered” hard chrome (EHC) for surface protection. While other electroplated metals like cadmium and zinc-nickel provide good corrosion resistance, they wear off quickly, leaving the underlying steel exposed. And, in recent years, there has been a push to replace […]

How do accumulators improve system performance?

Hydraulic accumulators are pressure vessels that store and discharge energy in the form of pressurized fluid. In essence, potential energy is stored in a compressed gas and released on demand to force oil from the accumulator and into the circuit. Here are some important benefits accumulators provide, and how they make hydraulic systems better. Energy […]

Bucher safety valves deliver energy savings

Safety valves are critical for protecting equipment and personnel. And, according to officials at Bucher Hydraulics, Neuheim, Switzerland, they can also play a major role in the global competitiveness of mobile machines like cranes and excavators when the focus is on high performance and availability. The company offers an extensive portfolio of safety valves that […]

ICUEE offers a hands-on look at new products, machines

The International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE), slated for October 3 to 5 in Louisville, Ky., will let industry professionals and engineers explore some of the latest technology innovations related to mobile equipment and fluid power. Of particular interest will be the opportunity to get a hands-on look at hundreds of new machines ranging […]

Next-generation electrohydraulic controls for off-road machines

Integrated hardware and software replace traditional mobile-hydraulic control systems. Today’s mobile-equipment manufacturers, for the most part, face a number of common challenges. OEMs want to streamline engineering and production processes yet build machines that are highly efficient, reliable and productive. And, increasingly, their customers want to monitor and track how these products operate—to ensure they […]

Will global warming kill fluid power?

Two new studies released this month paint a grim picture of the consequences of global warming. The papers published by scientists at the Universities of Colorado and Washington say that due to CO2 emissions, global temperature will likely increase more than 3.6°F by the end of the century, triggering a catastrophic rise in sea levels, […]

How does a hydraulic accumulator work?

Hydraulic accumulators are energy storage devices. Analogous to rechargeable batteries in electrical systems, they store and discharge energy in the form of pressurized fluid and are often used to improve hydraulic-system efficiency. An accumulator itself is a pressure vessel that holds hydraulic fluid and a compressible gas, typically nitrogen. The housing or shell is made […]

Soft pneumatic actuator generates cyclical motion

A new study has demonstrated the advantages and potential applications of an innovative multi-chambered soft pneumatic actuator. Researchers described how the actuator generates cyclical motion and characterized its trajectory and force output in an article published in Soft Robotics. Coauthors Alar Ainla, Mohit Verma, Dian Yang, and George Whitesides of Harvard University detailed the actuator’s […]

The ins and outs of piggy-back hydraulic cylinders

Piggy-back cylinders, as the name implies, are two opposing hydraulic cylinders mounted with the bodies on top of each other. Taking advantage of this configuration enables a longer stroke from a relatively short overall length. They’re somewhat similar to familiar telescoping cylinders, where several cylinder stages are built inside of one another, and the unit […]

Decentralized hydraulics for micro excavators

Environmental restrictions and economic pressures have spurred greater interest in hybrid and electric off-road mobile machinery. According to researchers Tatiana Minav, Matti Pietola and Shuzhong Zhang of Aalto University in Espoo, Finland, in addition to well-established methods for energy saving in hydraulic systems, a promising concept is zonal or decentralized hydraulics—an approach first pioneered in […]

Liebherr axial-piston pump has internal “supercharger”

As car buffs know, a supercharger is a mechanically driven compressor that increases the pressure of air supplied to an internal combustion engine. It lets the engine take in more oxygen, burn more fuel and produce more power. Liebherr Components, Nussbaumen, Switzerland, uses a somewhat similar concept to increase the hydraulic performance of its new […]

Mobile hydraulics powers vacuum lifting

Vacuum-lifting attachments make construction equipment more productive. Construction equipment has long been used to move material like large pipes and concrete slabs, typically with ropes, chains or slings tied to the bucket or stick. Lately, however, operators of these machines are turning to vacuum-lifting technology as a faster and safer alternative. According to officials at […]

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