Muncie expands its low-speed, high-torque motor line with MH series

Muncie Power Products Inc. has expanded its line of low speed high torque motors with its latest addition – the MH Series. The MH Series low-speed, high-torque motor is available in 16 displacement sizes. Its roller gerotor design reduces sliding friction between the rotor and stator. The roller gerotor design provides smooth performance, high efficiency […]

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Three-pump hydraulic circuit powers forest harvester

The new 8-wheel-drive 931XC (Xtreme Conditions) forestry harvester from Komatsu America, Chattanooga, Tenn., is reportedly built to deliver high performance, particularly on steep, rough or soft terrain. One notable feature, according to the company, is the 3PS three-pump hydraulic system. It provides significantly higher hydraulic working flow at low engine speeds than comparable machines—which combines […]

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Danfoss launches K2 axial piston pump

Danfoss Power Solutions is updating the Series 45 pump portfolio with the addition of the K2 frame axial piston pump. The smaller K2 frame, 25-45cc, has been reduced in length by up to 20%, width by up to 10%, and weight by up to 30%, offering customers a smaller solution that continues to provide maximum […]

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FluiDyne Fluid Power expands its stock A4V Series

FluiDyne announces the re-launch of its A4V series piston pumps. They carry a complete line of A4V piston pumps that are available in displacement of: 40, 71, 125, 180, 250. Their units are used in many different applications: agriculture, forestry machinery, construction, on-highway, commercial vehicles, offshore, marine, wind/ocean energy, automotive and more. FluiDyne’s A4V pumps […]

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Bosch Rexroth launches A30VG variable axial-piston pump

The A30VG, a new axial piston variable pump from Rexroth, is universally compatible with the BODAS mobile electronics product range. It’s compatible with controllers from series 3x and higher, as well as current pressure sensors. The pump can be adjusted mechanically, the output flow of the pump is proportional to the swivel angle of the […]

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Danfoss debuts new generation of ORBITAL X motors at IFPE

Danfoss Power Solutions launched its Orbital X product line at the IFPE trade show in Las Vegas last week. The new Orbital X program OMP X and OMR X motors mark the first new product introduction since Danfoss acquired White Drive Products in September 2016, elevating Danfoss Power Solutions to the top position in the worldwide […]

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New radial piston motor from Rexroth: shorter, stronger, more efficient

Rexroth is expanding its range of direct drives for compact tracked loaders and other tracked vehicles with the new MCR-T radial piston motor in frame size 10. The newly designed unit is approximately 20% shorter than conventional radial piston motors on the market and offers around 10% higher starting torque for more tractive force. For […]

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Hydraulic pumps at IFPE 2017

The triennial IFPE trade show and conference begins next week at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Slated for March 7-11, this event features nearly 500 fluid power exhibitors and gives attendees a chance to see the latest in hydraulic pump offerings. Here you can learn how they are constructed and used on mobile machinery. Below, you will […]

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Hydraulic motors at IFPE 2017

The triennial IFPE trade show and conference is in less than two weeks at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Slated for March 7-11, this event features nearly 500 fluid power exhibitors and gives attendees a chance to see the latest in hydraulic motor offerings. Here you can learn how they are constructed and used on […]

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Hydraulic wave-energy system operates underwater for over a year

Ocean-energy electric generators like wave- and tidal-power systems hold lots of potential for the future of renewable, carbon-free energy. Among the advantages, waves have a much greater energy density than does wind. Power plants can be relatively small and located near coastal cities, limiting transmission distances. And wave energy is much more predictable than wind

Predictive maintenance for radial piston motors prevents downtime in the rubber industry

As roll mills run in three-shift mode almost continuously, machine availability plays a hugely important role. Failures on a single machine ultimately delay the entire production process and thus cause extremely high costs. To prevent this, machines are normally maintained after a certain number of operating hours. On its new roll mill, KRAIBURG wanted to

Remote service with augmented reality decreases maintenance downtime

A unique virtual reality tool from Bosch Rexroth provides hydraulics maintenance and service professionals with immediate advice from product and application experts. The company’s Hägglunds Insight Live service uses augmented reality to give customers access to a Bosch Rexroth service expert easily, without waiting, travel or high costs. Using either a smart phone or a […]

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New radial-piston motor is shorter, more powerful

To address the need among mobile-equipment builders for fluid-power drives that have higher power density, Bosch Rexroth is expanding its range of direct drives with the new MCR-T radial-piston motor in frame size 10. The motors are for use in compact tracked loaders and other tracked vehicles. The newly designed unit is approximately 20% shorter […]

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Fluid Power Solutions to manufacture and support Parker/Denison pumps and motors

Fluid Power Solutions, Columbus, Ohio has entered into an agreement with Parker Hannifin Corp. to license, manufacture and support the Parker/Denison 61, 62, 63 and 900 series of hydraulic pumps and motors. There is an active installed base of these units throughout the marine and power generation industries, and supporting the products with a strong

Is hydraulic efficiency a myth?

Although many detractors sneer at the idea of hydraulic efficiency, right-sizing components, proper system design and modern technology can go a long way to achieving system efficiency. “Hydraulic efficiency” is a term alluding similar sentiments to “exact estimate” or “scientific belief.” It’s not that hydraulic efficiency is an oxymoron, per se, but these aren’t traditionally two words

Green Hydraulic Power systems provide up to 70% energy savings

Huntington Beach, Calif.-based MJC Engineering, a builder of CNC metal spinning, rotary forge and flow forming machines, today announces the development of its new hydraulic power system, termed Green Hydraulic Power. This system provides higher machine yield, reduces noise emissions by 20 dBA, generates less heat, produces a shorter cycle time on various machine types

Hydrodynamic coupling key to “smarter” belt conveyors

When equipment like large mining conveyors must handle heavy and varying loads, users often turn to hydrodynamic couplings to protect drive components and systems. Expanding its product line, Voith Turbo, York, Pa., recently introduced its TurboBelt 500 TPXL fluid coupling at this year’s MINExpo in Las Vegas. The fill-controlled coupling is the first model in

Hydraulic track motor features high starting torque, low heat generation

Eaton has launched of the new HP50 track motor, featuring high power density, high starting torque efficiency and low no-load pressure drop. Designed to reliably meet the growing trend…

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Eaton highlights reliability of Delta Motors in new giveaway promotion

Power management company Eaton today announced a new promotional campaign highlighting the reliability and efficiency of the company’s Delta motors for agricultural and industrial applications. As part of…

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When should you use high-pressure motors?

High-pressure motors are able to accomplish more in a smaller package compared to medium-pressure technology. When it comes to enhancing performance of both mobile and stationary hydraulic systems,…

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Engineering a groundbreaking hydraulic hybrid

Here’s an inside look at the concepts, engineering and testing behind Caterpillar’s highly successful 336EH hydraulic hybrid excavator. By Aleksandar Egelja, Engineering Manager, Advanced Hydraulic Systems, Caterpillar Inc. Recently, I had the…

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Careful monitoring ensures reliability in high-speed industrial hydraulics

Understanding the complex components and systems that make up high-speed industrial hydraulics is critical to well-maintained, efficient machines. By Carl Dyke, Contributing Editor Control surfaces on the wings of aircraft have to move into position very quickly. Aerobatic or military aircraft pilots may choose to maneuver through the three axes of roll, pitch and yaw simultaneously.

How do you select a gerotor motor?

When selecting a gerotor motor, there are many items to consider, including performance, quality, reliability and cost. Choosing the wrong one could lead you down a path of…

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Prevent dump pump failure with Muncie’s Three-Line System

Muncie Power Products Inc.’s line of dump pumps is available in a three-line system option to help prevent the most common dump pump failure of high temperatures resulting…

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Danfoss Mp1 closed circuit axial piston pumps in production

Danfoss Power Solutions announces its new MP1 closed circuit axial piston pumps are now in production. Initially launched at the bauma trade fair in April, the new MP1…

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