ASCO introduces Numatics 502 Series directional control valves


numatics asco valveASCO has introduced the Numatics 502 Series pneumatic directional control valves with high flow rates and the broadest range of components and accessories. The 502 Series joins a family of high-performance sub-base mounted directional control valves (501 Series and 503 Series) that have higher flow rates; less power consumption; and exceptionally easy on-site installation, configuration, and modification.

“The ASCO Numatics 502 Series valves have up to 30% greater flow than the products they replace—making them ideal for design engineers desiring a more compact valve, or for those who want to increase a machine’s work capacity using the same size valve,” said Andy Duffy, VP, sales, Americas, ASCO. “In addition, these new directional control valves offer the greatest range of pneumatic ‘sandwich’ components (pressure regulators, pressure shut off, exhaust flow controls) that allow an almost infinite number of configurations based on the customer’s requirements.”

The compact (18 mm), modular 502 Series is a general purpose industrial valve for automation and piloting applications in the automotive and tire, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and packaging machinery industries. The valve has the flexibility of meeting the ISO 15407-2 standard while maintaining its high-flow characteristics.

In addition, the performance of the 502 Series’ dual-pressure sandwich regulator, plus the accuracy of the company’s Numasizing engineering tool, allow the end user to dramatically reduce compressed air and power consumption. The valve is designed for use with ASCO’s next-generation Numatics G3 fieldbus electronic platform that is easy to assemble, commission, and maintain.

“Whether the customer requires ISO certification or a standard product, the 502 Series is optimized to provide the greatest combination of reliability, spool technology, electrical connections, and sandwich components on the market today,” said Duffy.



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