Bosch Rexroth offers digitalization of analog interfaces in hydraulics via IO-Link


io link bosch rexrothIndustry 4.0 is often much closer than we think: While individual suppliers offer proprietary solutions for networking of machine peripherals and better utilization of data, there are established and open standards that do exactly the same thing. IO-Link is supported by approximately 150 companies and enables digital communication of peripherals with control in parallel to common field buses.

With proportional valves and pressure switches, Bosch Rexroth now offers the first hydraulic actuators and sensors with these networking capabilities. By adding IO-Link capabilities to these products, Rexroth continues to promote the integration of fluid technology into Industry 4.0 applications since IO-Link enables vertical connection of components all the way into IT systems.


IO-Link standardizes and simplifies wiring thanks to standard M12 connectors with unshielded 3-conductor/5-conductor cables, eliminating any need for time-consuming and mistake-inducing individual hand wiring Project planning can be performed using the engineering tool of the respective PLC manufacturer.

All modules needed for communication are available for free with the IoT-ready PLC systems ILC, as well as Motion Control systems. In combination with IndraWorks Engineering, they enable direct access to project planning, parameterization and testing. The parameters can always be adapted to any new operating conditions.

The standardized electronic name plate of these plug & play devices reduces machine and system downtime. Remote access by authorized maintenance personnel allows them to call up and evaluate operating conditions such as temperature, operating hours and error status during running production as part of a predictive maintenance concept. Wear and system errors can be predicted before failure occurs and causes machine downtime, with any devices needing servicing located and displayed.

Thanks to IO-Link, no specialized training is needed to replace devices: Components are clearly identified via site ID and an electronic name plate for easy replacement using interchangeable components. Parameterization is carried out automatically by the IO-Link Master without any need for additional action by the technician. As a result, replacement of components can be completed successfully without causing any additional problems.

Following the 4WRPEH proportional valve and the HEDE10 pressure switch, Bosch Rexroth intends to outfit additional hydraulic actuators and sensors with IO-Link interfaces to continually round out the product range.

Bosch Rexroth Corp.


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