Canfield Connector launches hydraulic valve connector


The new series 5K DIN valve connector from Canfield Connector is compatible, versatile and dependable and enhances two of its product lines.

Canfield-5K_Hydraulic-valve-Connector_photo_R00An innovator in the manufacturing of electronic devices, Canfield Connector offers the 5K connector without the integrated gasket design to promote version compatibility with the company’s MCCR (Multiple Control Connector Receptacle) and its ILW (Interposed Lighted Wafer). Both products are used primarily in the hydraulic valve industry.

Advantages of the 5K include:

  • Provides snug and secure pin contacts on solenoid spades
  • Runs one wire rather than two from the MCCR device to the control box, which reduces moisture intrusion in the box and saves on labor costs
  • Can be manufactured in a range of plastic housing materials for compatibility with high temperature and various chemical applications
  • Allows the ILW module to plug into a molded connector to provide a convenient indicator light

In addition, the 5K has a rugged “straight-line” interface/cord configuration that is versatile for various applications including installation in many limited-space situations.

According to Todd Harmon, vice president of Canfield Industries, “The MCCR device is becoming a more popular item for us, and the new 5K product really enhances our MCCR line. We gain added benefits from being able to use this molded connector with our ILW module.”

Made in the USA, the Series 5K boasts an IP67/NEMA 6 rating protection from dust and water immersion when a gasket is applied.

The 5K, along with Canfield Connector’s Series 5F and Series 5J, are the only molded valve connectors in the industry that feature a hard usage cord option in any length required, bi-directional indicator lights and load suppression (not intended for UL 1449).

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