CPI releases SL2000 subsea linear position sensor


Control Products Inc, East Hanover, N.J., has announced the SL2000, the world’s first harsh duty linear position sensor that is both deep sea submersible and ATEX and IEC-EX intrinsic safety rated. The sensor is designed for the unique needs of extreme endurance, high power hydraulic cylinders and accumulators such as those used in offshore oilfield mining and drilling operations or heavy duty construction and military vehicles.

While CPI has been making its unique high endurance sensor for more than 15 years, the evolution of the sensor into a cost effective, fully intrinsic safety rated sensor, opens up new markets for an already proven core measurement technology. CPI linear position sensors have been deployed by both military and large commercial clients, into applications where no other hydraulic position sensor technology could survive.

“Our reinvented and patented draw-wire measurement system uses the latest advances in material science and precision engineering and manufacturing, to create a system that has achieved 1 million cycles immersed in oil, gas, or even seawater. “ said CPI vice president Mac Stuhler. “With our intrinsic safety rated SL2000, we are now appropriate for deployment in all drilling platform hydraulics or any hydraulic cylinder application that requires a high safety rating in a harsh environment.”

In addition to being intrinsic safety rated, the CPI sensor system is one of the few systems in the world that can be reliably deployed on telescoping hydraulic cylinders. With flexible mounting options that allow deployment either inside or outside the cylinder, hydraulics manufacturers now have options to sell their systems into applications that require reliable and accurate position monitoring. Hydraulic accumulator systems are finding uses for our sensor as a reliable indicator of pre-charge pressure, that can survive in underwater systems as well as drilling platform and heave compensation systems.

Control Products designs and builds its SL2000, and all its sensors in its US location. For over 70 years CPI has designed and provided waterproof electromechanical switches and sensors into military and industrial markets around the world. The common feature of all CPI products are that they are built to endure high stress environments that require rock solid reliability.

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