Danfoss debuts new generation of ORBITAL X motors at IFPE


Danfoss Power Solutions launched its Orbital X product line at the IFPE trade show in Las Vegas last week. The new Orbital X program OMP X and OMR X motors mark the first new product introduction since Danfoss acquired White Drive Products in September 2016, elevating Danfoss Power Solutions to the top position in the worldwide hydraulics motor market. The new motors will replace the current OMP, OMR, DS and DH motor models.

“With the launch of Orbital X, we have developed the next generation of orbital motors,” said Paolo Fonio, Senior Director, Motor Sales. “We developed best-in-class features in and around the product to add value and address customer needs.”

In comparison to existing models, Orbital X motors have up to 15% higher torque capacity than current OMP or OPR motors, and up to 45% more than current DH and DS motors. Orbital X motors also improve bearing capacity by 20% over DH and DS motors. Furthermore, the shaft seal lifetime is improved by 50% and the motor has a finish that meets the corrosion class C3 standard. These improved features work together to produce a more reliable, practical and, ultimately, more competitive machine.

Save time and reduce complexity
The Orbital X motors provide a new level of flexibility and efficiency. Two new modular platforms will replace six existing options – one platform will have offset and end ports and the other will have aligned ports. The different configurations ensure that one of the options will work in OEM customer’s existing machines, allowing for easy conversion. The simplified options save time during installation, thereby saving costs in the long run. The Orbital X platform also offers superior adaptability within housing, displacement and shaft modules, meeting the requirements of a wide variety of application needs.

Along with the physical product launch, Danfoss also debuted a line of Orbital X tools to improve user experience and customer response time. OEMs will have direct access to the product conversion tool, which simplifies the process of integrating an Orbital X motor.

“Utilizing the product conversion app will help OEMs select the exact product they need for their particular application and working conditions,” Fonio added. “Simplified product selection – along with simple installation – save our customers time and money, helping them produce a cost-effective, competitive machine.”

With new modular platforms, Orbital X increases flexibility in use, improves application performance and reduces the total cost of ownership for OEM customers.

Additional features and benefits of the Orbital X motors include:

• Superior performance and quality – higher torque, stronger bearing capacity and improved shaft seal work together to increase motor function and protection.

• High efficiency – Orbital X motors run with more productivity and for a longer lifetime than the competition. The end users will reap the benefits of saved costs and less down-time.

• Flexibility – two new modular product platforms ensure the greatest flexibility to date, reducing time to market and improving performance and reliability.

• Reduced cost – better availability, reduced lead time (improved by 50 percent), greater flexibility, superior performance, longer product lifetimes and quicker time to market all lower end costs.

• Extensive application system support – the line of Orbital X tools allows for faster response time, hassle-free product selection and integration, and greater predictability. Saving time on the front end allows OEMs to focus their efforts elsewhere in the supply chain and engineering processes.

The Orbital X line of motors covers a wide range of light- to medium-duty tasks in machines such as sweepers and scrubbers, harvesters, mowers and forklift trucks. Increased efficiency, flexibility and dependability make Orbital X the optimal choice for industrial, agriculture and construction markets.


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