Day 2 IFPE: Innovations in hydraulic sealing technologies



A selection of some of Hallite’s new PTFE seals.

Mobile hydraulics, and those shiny clean cylinders that abound in them, could not function without good, quality hydraulic seals. That’s why I’ve already spent a fair amount of time chatting with some of the major sealing companies throughout the past two days of IFPE 2017.

Here’s a brief round-up of some of the innovative sealing technologies and outlooks from three major manufacturers I’ve seen over the past two days, with more in-depth looks at each coming soon.

Hallite’s Armorlene PTFE portfolio, which the company says is the most comprehensive PTFE line in the industry due to its wide breadth of profiles and materials. One thing that’s unique to Hallite is that it’s the first to offer these seals in different colors, said Jeffrei Clifton Senior Business and Market Strategist Hallite Seals International. This, she said, allows users to distinguish between the many different types of seals in the line.

Additionally, Hallite has done quite a bit of testing with MSOE, to show that some of its PTFE seals, like ist P34 and HLX are as good or better than competitive designs.


Sample selection of Trelleborg’s Service PLUS program and how users can get an inside look at how to select the right seal for their application.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Service PLUS program will be key to seal selection as markets change, said Joe Woods, Fluid Power Segment Manager Americas. “The tone and attitude of the market is very upbeat and as things really pick up, some manufacturers are going to have trouble getting product out the door, so we’re here to really simplify and help streamline our customers’ manufacturing processes,” Woods said.

The company’s Service PLUS program simplifies the workflow across every discipline of the value chain, from engineering to logistics, manufacturing to the aftermarket. To highlight this program, Trelleborg had a number of interactive demonstrations at its booth, including inside looks at how the seals work within cylinders, how pressure affects their seals versus competitors and more.


Freudenberg polyurethane, 94 AU 30000

Finally, Freudenberg Freudenberg Sealing Technologies had a deep focus on its advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, with looks at new cassette and combi seal designs; a large variety of radial shaft seals including premium pressure seals; proprietary elastomeric, polyurethane and Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) materials; and Freudenberg’s Xpress technology and capabilities.

One highlight was its Freudenberg polyurethane, 94 AU 30000, designed to handle fluid power challenges such as more aggressive environments, higher temperatures and longer operating hours. 94 AU 30000 is more resistant to water and synthetic hydraulic fluids and withstands major temperature fluctuations better than other existing polyurethane materials. The material offers excellent performance in heat and cold and can be used in mineral hydraulic fluids at temperatures ranging from -31°F (-35°C) up to 248°F (120°C).

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