Delta’s RMC 200 Motion Controller is ODVA certified for EtherNet/IP

Delta motion

Delta’s family of RMC Motion controllers, all using RMCTools.

Delta Computer Systems Inc. has announced that the company’s RMC200 motion controller passed EtherNet/IP certification in May 2017 at ODVA headquarters in Ann Arbor, Mich., being tested to the most recent CT14 test specification. Delta also participated in the EtherNet/IP 2017 PlugFest to ensure that the RMC200, like Delta’s other motion controllers, meets or exceeds ODVA requirements. The RMC200 supports advanced EtherNet/IP features including Device Level Ring (DLR) and CIP Energy and is designed to integrate easily with PLCs, PCs and HMIs. The new RMC200 has two Ethernet ports and supports star, linear and ring topologies.

As a longtime member of ODVA, Delta continues to focus on communication technology as it enhances RMCTools software and firmware for the entire RMC family. Delta’s closed-loop electro-hydraulic motion controller customers apply these controllers in a wide variety of industrial applications worldwide.

This newest, most capable RMC200 (up to 32 axis) motion controller includes RMCTools software as do previously-certified RMC75 and RMC150 motion controllers. This makes it easy for our existing customers, since the entire Delta RMC family utilizes the same RMCTools software for setup, tuning, programming and diagnostics.  RMCTools software and firmware and release notes can be downloaded from Delta’s website at

“Our customers love the communication and connectivity capabilities and ease-of-use of our motion controllers, but increasingly have asked for more axes than we have offered in one controller,” said Steve Nylund, Delta Computer Systems CEO.

With the capacity to handle closed-loop control of up to 32 motion axes, a single RMC200 can manage the motion of a complete forest products or other manufacturing production line.  As with the other Delta controllers—RMC75 (which can control 1 or 2 axes) and RMC150 (which can control up to 8 axes)—each RMC has special capabilities for synchronizing the motion of multiple axes, enabling the construction of machines with scalable performance and quick production changeovers.  And all Deltas’ controllers can provide built-in dual-loop support for controlling pressure/force/torque as well as position/velocity/acceleration.  The controller can transition smoothly between these control modes, enabling smooth, reliable motion.

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