Eaton’s EC600 X-FLEX high-pressure hose provides 24% more flexibility


Eaton-EC600-image high-pressure hoseEaton launched a new high-pressure hose, the EC600 X-FLEX, which was designed for demanding applications requiring very high pressure performance in small areas. At 50% of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) 100R15 bend radius, this spiral hose’s flexibility makes installation in tight spaces much easier while reducing the total amount of hose needed on each machine.

The EC600 X-FLEX is designed to perform in demanding, high-impulse mobile and stationary applications where very heavy loads are being moved or compressed, such as earth moving equipment, excavation, drilling and mining machinery.

It features a highly abrasion-resistant cover material, supporting a longer hose assembly life while helping increase uptime and reduce overall operating costs. The EC600 is a Eaton premium synthetic rubber inner tube that is compatible with all common hydraulic oils up to a maximum temperature of 121°C (250°F). The EC600-12 Reinforcement hose has four layers of steel reinforcement applied in a spiral pattern. The EC600 Cover hose uses Eaton’s premium abrasion resistant DURA-Tuff cover.

“As hydraulic systems are asked to do more, our customers are increasingly looking for hose products that can withstand very high pressures in a variety of sizes—without sacrificing flexibility,” said Eric Durrant, senior global product manager, Eaton. “The new EC600 X-FLEX spiral hose is designed to be up to 24% more flexible for easier handling during installation, while withstanding over one million impulse cycles with an operating pressure of 6,100 psi.”

The high-pressure hose offers both four and six spiral wire construction that is operable at temperatures from –40°C (–40°F) to 121°C (250°F) with no fluid leakage between hose and fitting when the machine shuts down and the system cools. The EC600 X-FLEX is compatible with Eaton’s 4S fitting series in sizes -12 and -16 and 6S fitting series in size -20.

This new hose offers similar life cycle and pressure capabilities as other Eaton hose, but is much more flexible and capable of tighter bend radii, which could decrease the length of hose needed and improve routing in confined areas.

A limited number of free sample kits are available upon request to demonstrate the improved flexibility firsthand.

Eaton Corp.

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