Eaton’s M-R7 cutting ring machine improves final assembly


eatonEaton has introduced its Walterscheid M-R7, an innovative cutting rind pre-assembly machine that provides customers with improved assembly technology and safety during installation of the Walterscheid system trilogy tube fitting systems with prefabricated tube ends.

The solution is designed for controlled final assembly of Eaton’s Walterscheid cutting ring systems WALPRO and WALRING, and optimizes performance through short tightening movements reducing the force required during final assembly.

“Walterscheid system trilogy tube fitting systems are used in several demanding applications in the Agriculture, Alternative Energy, Construction, Manufacturing, Mobile Material Handling, Offshore & Marine, Oil & Gas, and Transportation industries. The Walterscheid Trilogy is engineered to deliver an advanced solution not only in terms of performance, but also in ease of installation. The new pre-assembly machine is helping customers even further optimize their assembly process and make more special assemblies than ever before.” said Michael Weidenbrück, Manager Walterscheid products, EMEA.

The new M-R7 offers several new possibilities to provide best assembly quality and handling and reliable assembly technology in continuous operation.

The innovative cylinder and tool design of the M-R7 machine offers more options than most other machines for 180 degree bent tubes. It is capable of processing 180° bent tubes up to R = 1.5 x Outer Diameter and pipe bends with transverse bends.

The M-R7 machine uses innovative automatic pressure point detection by means of pressure-way control to exclude influences for tolerances and ring position detection. The statistical process control determines the process limits for optimized handling. The process can be individually tailored to the needs of the user, for specific tube dimensions and materials.

Several features enhance handling and efficiency:
• RFID technology for tool recognition and automatic parameter setting.
• Automatic start function to improve quality of assembly process and to reduce working cycle and touch screen operation.
• Small and compact unit size.

Customers have the option to upgrade existing Eaton Walterscheid assembly GE-tools with RFID technology to operate with the M-R7 at a lower cost.

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