Fluid Power Technology Conference: Tips and tricks from a hands-on expert


Carl Dyke will once again be leading five sessions at this year’s Fluid Power Technology Conference at the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Kern Center. Dyke, a well-respected trainer, consultant and founder of CD Industrial Group, is also a reader favorite as a contributing editor to Fluid Power World.

Carl Dyke of CD Industrial Group will lead five technical sessions at the Fluid Power Technology Conference.

Carl Dyke of CD Industrial Group will lead five technical sessions at the Fluid Power Technology Conference.

Slated for Tuesday and Wednesday, May 16 and 17, The Fluid Power Technology Conference is presented by Fluid Power World and hosted by the Milwaukee School of Engineering. The following five sessions presented by Dyke will join the other 17 presentations over the two-day event including:

Learning Fluid Power Schematic Reading by Osmosis
Schematic reading is a joy or perhaps just a necessary task for many engineers and technologists while other fluid power professionals and many technicians find the schematic a source of frustration. Like learning any foreign language it helps to have a few aids and tricks. After teaching schematic reading for more than eighteen years, Carl Dyke will share what he has learned from observing the struggles of mechanics, technicians and millwrights. He will share the learning methods and tools that he and his team have created to make schematic reading easier and more intuitive.

Mobile Hydraulics Troubleshooting – Tales (and photos) from the Crypt
When good components fall badly apart. What went wrong? Who dunnit?

In this presentation participants will follow along on a series of real investigations by CD Industrial Group into malfunctioning mobile hydraulic systems. The symptoms of trouble that first became evident, the process of finding the root cause and the components that finally failed will be discussed and shown. The case studies will come from mining, agriculture, construction and logistics/handling and feature components from simple check valves to spool valves and cylinders.

Pneumatics Challenges in the Great Outdoors
Pneumatic principles, component design and system functions will be the foundation for a sometimes humorous look at the challenges Carl faced adapting his early experiences with sawmill pneumatics to design pneumatic powered driver training aids for teaching collision avoidance. The machines ultimately had to live in concrete pits under the roadway on closed-circuit driver training courses. Nothing tests pneumatic components and approaches to system design like weather and traffic. It was a great learning experience.

Electrohydraulics Troubleshooting for Motion and Force Control
Proportional valves, servo valves and fine motion control systems offer challenges to the maintainer and troubleshooter. Many proportional valves are used for systems with little to no motion at all. These force control systems come with their own unique challenges. The emphasis will be on understanding the internal workings and normal operating characteristics of complex valves, making system adjustments and maintenance checks for proper operation, and also troubleshooting tips.

Load Sense Hydraulics for the Maintainer/Troubleshooter
A colorful exploration of the internal workings of a typical load sense system awaits as Carl shares 2D and 3D simulations. His team’s experiences with what goes wrong in the winter cold and the summer heat along with the challenges technicians face to understand and adjust these not so basic systems will provide the human story.

Dyke has been providing hydraulics training and maintenance services for 18 years. Having started his industrial career in sawmills, he has helped mining, oilfield, metal smelters as well as pulp and paper industries as a consultant and trainer. He has witnessed first hand the damage to machines and productivity caused by bad designs and knows well how to troubleshoot problems through hands-on investigations.

Learn more and register for the conference at www.fluidpowertechconference.com.

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