HIC custom manifold eliminates leaks


By switching from a standard build with its hydraulic valves and manifolds, above, to a HIC custom manifold build, below, from Daman Products, a machine builder was able to eliminate 39 leak points, streamline its design and assembly, and reduce costs by 11%.

Sourcing one-piece Hydraulic Integrated Circuit (HIC) Custom Manifold solutions from Daman Products helped a machine builder eliminate 39 leak points and reduce labor hours, number of components, and over-all costs by 11%.

Several years ago, Daman had a project where this machine builder specified standard components for a manifold consisting of six-station D05H manifolds, three-station D08H manifolds, an in-line pressure reducing body, and 24 stacked modules. This standard solution presented a number of problems, including:

  • 24 stacked modules
  • 48 leak points
  • 50 labor hours for assembly
  • Excessive maintenance costs
  • Excessive overall project costs

Daman HIC custom manifoldThe Daman team worked with its distributor to replace 25 components with a one-piece custom engineered manifold solution. Overall, the project ensured easy assembly and maintenance simplicity by reducing the number of required components from 25 to 1. It eliminated 39 leak points, stream-lining the design from 48 to 9 leak points. In terms of construction, the custom HIC eliminated 30 hours of labor, dropping the build time from 50 to 20 hours, saving the machine builder 11% on costs from $27,000 to $24,000.



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