Hydraulic pumps at IFPE 2017


The triennial IFPE trade show and conference begins next week at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Slated for March 7-11, this event features nearly 500 fluid power exhibitors and gives attendees a chance to see the latest in hydraulic pump offerings. Here you can learn how they are constructed and used on mobile machinery. Below, you will find a listing of IFPE 2017 exhibitors who will be displaying their hydraulic pumps, as listed on the IFPE exhibitor list.

SIMON-PumpsHydraulic pumps are one of the most necessary components in a hydraulic system, as it is the pump that converts mechanical energy into hydraulic energy. A number of hydraulic pump designs exist, each with their pros and cons for system design and application.

During selection, you must first know what pressure your system requires. For example, a vane pump is not reliable at pressures of 5,000 psi or higher, but piston pumps will suit that pressure range ideally.

Next, you must consider the pump’s displacement, which is the volume each design can pump during one rotation. This is normally expressed in measurements of cubic inches or centimeters per minute.

As stated earlier, certain applications work better with specific pump construction types. The main pump designs are piston, vane and gear, which can be further broken down into inside and outside types of gear pumps. Of these two, the outside gear pump is most commonly used because of its inexpensive, reliable and effective operation. This simple design is created with meshed spur gears, with one drive and one idle. Gear pumps are frequently used, particularly when price is a major driving factor.

Inside gear pumps use an inside gear arrangement, with more complicated construction and tighter tolerances. Because of these tight tolerances and complicated construction, they are much more costly, but are extremely efficient and quieter than the outside spur type. These designs are most often used in fixed-pump applications, such as servomotor driven closed-loop pump systems.

Used mostly in lower pressure industrial applications, vane pumps use a rotating group with rectangular vanes that push out via springs, creating centrifugal force or hydraulic pressure. The offset between the vanes and cam ring allows the pump to create flow, and in variable displacement vane pumps, the offset distance is what dictates volume. These designs are reliable, quiet and easy to repair.

If high pressure is a major design concern, then piston pumps are likely going to be the choice. The variable-displacement, axial-piston pump is the most common design in this category, while other piston designs being used on specific and rarer occasions. A highly efficient and very reliable design, the piston pump is also relatively easy to rebuild—even though it is not very inexpensive. They are available with countless control options, such as pressure-compensated, load sensing, remote pressure control, proportional control, etc. Also, the vast majority of closed loop pumps are axial piston type, because of the versatility and robust construction it offers.

Hydraulic pump manufacturers & suppliers at IFPE

(Please note, list may not be complete as changes are made regularly to the IFPE suppliers’ categories pages and companies are responsible for selecting categories.)

Exhibitor Name Booth Number
AAH Fluid Power Inc. S83046
Aber SL80027
ALA Industries Limited – Yuken Hydraulics S82856
Anfield Industries Inc S80749
Bailey International LLC S83240
Bezares USA S82810
Bosch Rexroth Corp S80214
Brevini Fluid Power S82218
Bucher Hydraulics S81916
Casappa Corporation S81230
Dana Incorporated S84712
Danfoss Power Solutions, Inc S80730
DDKS Industries S80054
Eaton Hydraulics Business S80230
Engineering Technology Services, LLC S81342
FluiDyne Fluid Power S80634
Fondmatic SpA S80618
Galtech S82240
GS Global Resources S80654
Han Dok Hydraulic Co S83210
HANSA-TMP s.r.l. S80142
Hartmann Controls Inc S80640
HAWE Hydraulik S80529
HEMA Endustri AS S84730
Hengli America Co. Inc. S81440
Hydraulex Global S82652
Hydrocontrol Inc S82240
Hydro Leduc S83752
Hydrosila S82843
IC Flow Controls S83152
International FPA S83630
Kawasaki Hydraulics S80506
KYB Americas Corporation S80742
Linde Hydraulics Corporation S81129
Miller Electric Mfg Co/Hobart Brothers B7502
Moseys Production Machinists, Inc. S83652
MTE Hydraulics S81610
Muncie Power Products S82240
Nachi America Inc S81005
Ningbo PHP Hydraulics Co., Ltd. S81754
North American Hydraulics S82118
Oilgear S80514
Parker Hannifin S80242
Permco Inc S82130
Poclain Hydraulics S81640
Power-Packer S61250
Professional Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd. S82209
Raymar Hydraulics S80054
Shanghai Guorui Hydraulic Technology Co. S82352
Shivam Hydraulics S83739
Sunfab North America S83040
Swanson Industries G71207
Transaxle S82633
U and T Tractor Spares PVT Ltd G73612
Veljan Hydrair Limited S82618
Walvoil Fluid Power Corp S82240
Webtec LLC G70300
Whitford Corporation G74223
White Drive Products S81830
Wooster Hydrostatics Inc S80713
WTC Machinery LLC G71624
Young Powertech Inc S83318

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