In-line contamination monitor offers user flexibility


The ICM – 2.0 in-line contamination monitor, developed by MP Filtri in Milan, Italy, automatically measures and displays particulate contamination, moisture and temperature levels in various hydraulic fluids. It is designed specifically to be mounted directly to systems, where ongoing measurement or analysis is required, and where space and costs are limited.

The ICM – 2.0 in-line contamination monitor from MP Filtri

Sensing technology is LED-based optical light extinction. The unit automatically detects contaminant particles in sizes >4, 6, 14, 21, 25, 38, 50 and 70 μm according to ISO 4406:1999 Standard. The eight-channel ICM measures and displays results in various international standard formats, including ISO 4406:1999 Code 0 to 25, as well as NAS 1638 and SAE AS 4059E. Accuracy is ± ½ code for 4, 6 and 14 μm and ±1 code for larger sizes.

The device offers real-time monitoring and manual, automatic and remote-control flexibility, with data logging capabilities and a 4,000 test-result memory. Test interval is factory set to 120 sec, but adjustable from 10 to 3,600 sec. Communication options are RS-485, RS-232, Modbus, CANbus, and 4-20 mA as standard. A secondary connector permits simultaneous control/download of results during operation, with the option to download all results onto a USB drive.

The unit measures roughly 5 × 5 × 2.5 in. and features robust die-cast aluminum construction with a polyurethane outer casing. Environmental protection rating is IP 65/67 with IK04 impact protection. The multicolor indicators are LCD (K versions) or LED with output alarm signals.

The ICM is rated for flows from 20 to 400 ml/min, fluid viscosity ≤ 1,000 cSt, and fluid temperatures from -25° to 80°C. Maximum pressure is 420 bar.

MP Filtri


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