LEM+ and LEMAX+ intelligent vacuum pumps


coval vacuum pumpsCOVAL is expanding its range of intelligent vacuum pumps with the launch of new products: LEM+ and LEMAX+. Increased power is combined with COVAL vacuum pump qualities: performance, compactness and energy savings.

As their name implies, the LEM+ and the LEMAX+ are more powerful versions of the LEM and LEMAX, vacuum pumps previously commercialized by COVAL. For COVAL, the aim is to meet manufacturer and end user demands for stronger power. Mission accomplished since the LEM+ reaches a flow rate of 125 to 385 NI/min (compared with 29 to 92 for the LEM) and the LEMAX+ reaches a flow rate of 125 to 200 NI/min (compared with 29 to 70 for the LEMAX)

The LEM+ and LEMAX+ are the perfect mixture of more (bigger) power and smaller size. For the integrator and user these two qualities are a guarantee of easy installation and performance. Compared to similar products in terms of power, the LEM+ and LEMAX+ are by far the most compact vacuum pumps on the market.

COVAL has developped two complementary ranges of compact high flow rate vacuum pumps:

• The LEM+, optimized in terms of energy savings for handling porous pieces with a rough surface
• The LEMAX+, optimized in terms of energy savings for handling semi-airtight and airtight pieces

Each model is equipped with its own energy-saving technology.

For the LEM+, ASR (Air Saving Regulator) technology regulates working pressure at 3.5 bar, whatever the pressure supplied by the compressed air network. Any unnecessary consumption is thus avoided, ensuring energy savings of 40% on average.

For the LEMAX+, once vacuum is created ASC (Air Saving Control) technology enables the piece to be held without any energy consumption. The result is energy savings of 90% on average.

The design of the LEM+ and LEMAX+ is based on constant concern for integrator and user comfort; in a word: optimized ergonomics. Here is a human-machine dialogue façade, bringing together all use accesses: follow-up information, settings, controls on a high visibility screen. In addition, each vacuum pump is factory preset according to standard criteria to facilitate implementation. Finally, the automatic timed blow-off after each hold saves using one automaton output.

What makes the difference:

Easy implementation: Plug & Play, multiple choices, all types of applications.
Maximum automatic energy savings: LEM+: 40% savings for porous pieces, LEMAX+: 90% savings for airtight pieces
Compactness: LEM+/LEMAX+ vacuum pumps are the most compact ones on the market.
Short response time: installation as near as possible to the suction cups
Automatic blow-off: economizing a control signal, thanks to configurable blow-off time (from 0 to 10s)
Dust resistant: non-clogging, through-type silencer
Safety: hold maintained even during an unexpected power cut



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