Milwaukee Cylinder launches the Idea Center videos to highlight cylinder designs


Milwaukee Cylinder has launched its new Idea Center Videos on the Milwaukee Cylinder website. The Idea Center contains several short videos covering different cylinder designs and highlighting what these different cylinder designs can do.

MilwaukeeCylinder_3_video-collage-1The Idea Center Videos help potential users visualize the different capabilities that cylinders have and how they can be used in their specific applications. These videos are idea catalysts designed to inspire possibilities. In addition, to accommodate today’s fast-paced world, each video lasts only about a minute and half, and they are easily shared via e-mail.

“In the over 60 years of building custom hydraulic cylinders, the engineers at Milwaukee Cylinder have seen it all – from traditional standard tie rod cylinders to vastly complex cylinder solutions,” said Douglas Lacina, Commercial and Engineering Leader for Milwaukee Cylinder. “The goal of this program is to share the knowledge and inspire designers and end-users to think differently about what hydraulic cylinders can do.”

Milwaukee Cylinder


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