New GoldenCrimp 420 is designed for harsh environments and high crimping force


Developed after many years’ experience in some of the worlds’ toughest mining workshops, the GoldenCrimp 420 from Manuli Hydraulics sets new standards for resilience and reliability while offering the performance and adaptability that is vital in modern hose assembly operations.

Manuli Hydraulics Goldcrimp 420 Surface_Mining-no-fadeIts robust design is ideal for transport and operation in harsh environments such as open-pit and underground mining. Protected cylinders ensure trouble-free operation in high dust environments. Offering a high crimping force of 420 tons and large opening suitable for large-bore hoses, the GoldenCrimp 420 comes with an extensive range of dies to suit crimping of both industrial and hydraulic hoses. Its split design architecture allows for easy handling and transportation.

The design offers simplified use, including:

  • Easy die setup with ergonomically designed quick-change gun
  • Hands-free operation using footswitch
  • Option for convenient die storage table
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Long master dies
  • Low noise level
  • Easy maintenance due to foam pads and dust collector

The GoldenCrimp 420 has been designed for changing environments. When in its standard configuration the GoldenCrimp 420 is a convenient, self-contained unit with the crimping head set at an ergonomically optimal
height to allow safe, comfortable working. Combined with a minimal unit footprint, it can be easily positioned
wherever it is required with only electrical connection required.

In some workshops where space is more restricted, the crimping head of the GoldenCrimp 420 can be detached from the power-pack and placed separately on the workbench to take up the minimum of available
space. The power-pack can then be located under the bench, in a corner or wherever is most convenient
to keep it safely out of the way.

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