NFPA Future Leaders announce IEOC lunch speaker, topic


NFPA future leadersNFPA’s Future Leaders Network will be hosting lunch for its members on Tuesday, August 15, during the NFPA Industry and Economic Outlook Conference. This year’s lunch program will feature a special presentation by Chris Shuppe, engineering integration leader for GE Additive. Chris has been with GE since 2000 and is currently leading a team to accelerate additive adoption across GE and to provide engineering consulting outside of GE to facilitate machine and material sales. Prior to his current role, Chris was named Section Manager for Additive, where he enabled a team to develop and test the A-CT7 engine, certify the LEAP fuel nozzle, create an additive heat exchanger team, and further develop additive applications for multiple other programs. His teams created and generated over 50 patents in 2016 alone. Chris also led the engineering function during the acquisition of Concept Laser and Arcam in 2016. Chris will share his experiences in bringing the additive process beyond prototyping to actual products.

Tuesday’s lunch and program are exclusively for NFPA Future Leader Network members.  NFPA Future Leaders Network members must be 45 years of age or younger and in a leadership role or on a leadership path in their company. The cost of this lunch is included in IEOC registration. To register for the IEOC, click here.


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