Parker’s ToughJacket hose is designed for construction industry, tough applications


Parker hoseWith a 4,000 psi constant working pressure, the Parflex 594TJ (ToughJacket) hose is a cost effective hydraulic hose solution for the construction industry, especiallyfor those working with telescoping boom applications requiring a durable and light weight bonded assembly solution.

The 594TJ hose can be provided in bonded twin-line and multi-line (up to ten hoses or 10-in. wide) configurations. Bonded hose constructions improve the overall management of the hose assembly by limiting the movement of the hose, preventing tangling in multiple hose applications, and by offering a compact system for easy installation and smooth operation. In addition, the bonded construction increases the overall strength of the assembly, eliminating the root causes that often lead to hose failure.

Product Features:

• 4,000 psi constant pressure
• Consistent long lengths
• Low length change under pressure
• Lighter weight than rubber 100R19 hose
• ToughJacket, abrasion resistant cover
• Excellent flexibility
• Superior bend radius
• Four-spiral wire hose performance in a high tensile two-wire braid construction

Parker Hannifin Corp., Parflex Div.


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