PHD Inc. celebrates 60th anniversary


PHD Inc.PHD Inc. was founded this month in 1957. Over our 60 years of innovation, PHD has made automation work better and more efficiently for manufacturers around the world. The first product developed, and still popular today, was the Tom Thumb pneumatic cylinder. Today PHD manufactures a very broad offering of products used for industrial automation. These actuators provide the motion to push, pull, lift, rotate, turn, grip, and orient parts or materials in a variety of manufacturing processes. PHD prides itself on manufacturing high precision and extremely long life components that meet the needs of our customers.

PHD currently employs more than 300 people in the Fort Wayne and Huntington facilities. The Fort Wayne campus includes administrative offices, a technology and training center and a 85,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing and assembly center. The Fort Wayne location is also the home of YRG Robotics, PHD’s master distributorship of Yamaha brand robotics for North America. The Huntington facility is a 76,000 square foot machining and manufacturing facility.

“PHD is honored to have worked with such wonderful customers, distributors, and vendors over the past 60 years. Our partners and our dedicated employees really have been the reason for our success. We are very proud of what we have contributed to our communities and we will to continue to provide for a very long time,” said Gary Murphy, SVP of Global Sales and Engineering.