Aventics Smart Pneumatics Monitor enables predictive maintenance, maximizing system availability

Many users wish for prompt information on the state of wear and energy efficiency of pneumatic systems at a glance to be able to respond to potential leaks or machine downtimes early on. The Smart Pneumatics Monitor (SPM) from Aventics detects the system operating state, analyzes data, and provides this processed information to users for […]

Dearing Compressor announces acquisition of Pittsburgh-based Kruman Equipment

Dearing Compressor & Pump Co., the second oldest Gardner Denver industrial air compressor distributor, recently completed its first ever acquisition, merging with the oldest Gardner Denver distributor, Pittsburgh-based Kruman Equipment. The acquisition allows Dearing to effectively double their industrial air compressor business while providing counterbalance to the dynamic energy market. CEO and President, Rick Dearing, […]

Compressed air fail: Hidden piping problems

By Ron Marshall A food processing plant recently built an expansion to their existing building. The compressed air system in the new plant was of very efficient cutting edge, self-contained design. The system uses a mix of VSD and fixed-speed compressors with a central controller, desiccant air dryers with dewpoint control, large storage, and pressure/flow […]

Aventics refines its Advanced Valves once again

Right from the start, simple handling was one of the most important features of the AV valve system series. Pneumatics specialists from Aventics have taken this approach one step further and now have a new solution to showcase at the Hannover Messe 2018. With outlets on the bottom, the AV system is optimized for installation […]

How do I put my compressor to sleep?

By Ron Marshall One of the biggest wastes of energy in a compressed air system is allowing your air compressor to use energy when it is not producing air. This can be a big problem with screw compressors, due to the way these compressors typically operate. Well-maintained modern day screw compressors running in load/unload control […]

How important is pressure to my compressed air efficiency?

By Ron Marshall The pressure at which you operate your system has a significant effect on the energy efficiency of your air compressors, and  can affect the air consumption of the compressed air powered tools and equipment in the plant. Running at higher pressure than desired causes higher system flow and more power consumption, increasing […]

Leybold to present vacuum portfolio at ANUGA FoodTec

At the leading trade fair Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Leybold will present its vacuum technologies for the food processing and packaging industry from the 20th to the 23rd March 2018. The efficient solutions of the vacuum supplier are used worldwide. In a wide variety of applications, the pumps, systems and measuring devices of this long-established company make a […]

ISO/VDMA series CV small-bore cylinders from PHD

PHD Inc. originally began manufacturing a line of small bore cylinders in 1957, under the Tom Thumb brand name. The NFPA line provides reliability and long-life characteristics in small bore cylinders, and the products continue to be a popular choice among manufacturers around the world due to features like low maintenance, field-reparability, various mounting styles […]

Mechanical locking cylinders from Milwaukee Cylinder

End-of-stroke, mechanical locking cylinders provide positive mechanical locking when cylinders are fully extended, fully retracted, or both. An internal mechanical device locks the load into position, and it and remains locked until line pressure is applied. It also remains locked in the event of piston-seal failure or the absence of line pressure. Only applied hydraulic […]

VMAC enters equipment rental market with gas engine-driven air compressor

VMAC has entered the equipment rental market, leading with the VMAC 30 CFM G30 gas engine-driven air compressor. The affordable VMAC G30 gas-driven rotary screw air compressor is now available for the first time to equipment rental customers. “There’s been tremendous growth in the equipment rental market in recent years, and the market is expected […]

High-precision sliders from Koganei

Koganei mini guide sliders are compact, high-precision actuators. The MGA units reportedly offer a smaller physical size as compared to competitive units with the same bore and stroke. And they are more rigid to torque moments in roll, pitch and yaw. The products feature high-precision mounting with running parallelism of 0.005 mm and mounting parallelism […]

ISO 15552 cylinders with adaptive cushioning from IMI Norgren

The new IMI Norgren ISOLine family of ISO 15552 standard cylinders adapt automatically to varying loads without manual adjustment. Adaptive cushioning compensates for varying loads or application changes without the need to adjust the cushion screw. This makes installation simpler and faster. At up to 20% lighter than previous cylinders, the ISOLine reduces machine weight […]

Monnier acquires Fluid Air Controls, manufacturer of Flairline and Hydronic products

Monnier Inc., an Algonac, Mich. manufacturer of air preparation products, has acquired the assets of Fluid Air Controls LLC, the manufacturer of Flairline cylinders and valves, and Hydronic, a line of air driven hydraulic pumps. Fluid Air Controls is a wholly owned subsidiary of Monnier and will now operate under the name Fluid Air Controls […]

Pneumatic DSBC cylinder from Festo improves motion performance

Festo’s DSBC family of ISO 15552 standard pneumatic cylinders features the company’s patented PPS self-adjusting cushioning capability. PPS ensures that cushioning into the end position is dynamic, but gentle, and requires no manual intervention. PPS eliminates the need to manually adjust needle valves, a time consuming task when installing air cylinders. This self-adjusting ability ensures […]

New ISO clean-line of pneumatic cylinders from Aventics meet stringent hygiene needs

New CCL-IC series of compact pneumatic ISO cylinders from Aventics feature a hygienic design, making them suited for applications with limited installation space combined with stringent hygiene requirements, such as in food and beverage operations. With nine bore sizes, the CCL-IC cylinders reportedly cover the broadest range of hygienically designed cylinders on the market. Bore […]

Mini vacuum pump from COVAL saves up to 60-97% on energy use

After the launch of the LEM, a new generation mini vacuum module integrating in a smaller size all the functions of the vacuum pump, COVAL has entered a new phase with its LEMAX mini vacuum pump. Emphasis with this new product is on energy saving through continuous monitoring and regulation. At the heart of this […]

Compact extruded-body cylinders from Clippard are ideal for quick-drop replacements

Clippard’s Compact, Extruded Body Cylinders are available in double-acting, double-rod, single-acting spring return, and single-acting spring extended models. The small and lightweight products reportedly provide reliable and long cycle life and are universally compatible for quick drop-in replacement. Various mounting configurations, bore sizes, stroke lengths and other options make the units both versatile and highly […]

Will a VSD compressor save me money?

The development of the variable speed drive screw compressors has had a large impact on the efficiency of compressed air systems worldwide.  If properly applied, one or more variable speed controlled compressors installed in a system will save energy and may even help better control system pressure. Typical fixed speed compressors always run their main […]

Why are my compressed air lines freezing?

The water vapor contained compressed air will condense out if the temperature of the air in plant piping falls below the compressed air dew point. If the pipes are below the freezing point of water, such as in an outdoor installation in winter, then ice forms. The ice will build up and block the flow […]

Aventics partners with CADENAS Partsolutions for online catalog of NFPA cylinders

Aventics has recently launched an all-new configurable catalog of NFPA cylinders. Built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, the new catalog provides on-demand access to design NFPA cylinders directly within the Aventics website. The new NFPA cylinder configurator provides instant access for users to search, configure and download product information in more than 150 native and neutral formats. […]

Pneumatic grippers for cobots

By Walt Hessler Edited by Mike Santora The simple definition of the word collaboration is: “The action of working with someone to produce or create something.” This is the exact purpose of a Collaborative Robot, or cobot. Cobots are typically power and force limiting. The robot can feel abnormal forces in its path and may […]

CADENAS develops product configurator for Festo pneumatics

CADENAS has developed a new web application for the error-free configuration and order of Festo pneumatic systems. The Festo Design Tool 3D Online is available, without installation or plug-in, giving designers, purchasers and fitters easy and fast access to safe and efficient design, ordering and assembly of Festo product assemblies. Developed in cooperation with the German […]

Should I buy a bigger air compressor to supply my future growth?

A big question when buying an air compressor is “will it be big enough?” Having a larger compressor than you currently need reduces the possibility of pressure problems due to lack of capacity, but purchasing a compressor that is too large can significantly increase your operating costs—especially if you choose a fixed speed lubricated screw […]

Pneu-Connect allows seamless integration of grippers to Universal Robots

PHD has released new accessory for seamless integration of pneumatic grippers on collaborative robots. The PHD Pneu-Connect connects directly to the tool port on the robot arm making it easy to attach a PHD pneumatic gripper to a Universal Robot (UR) brand cobot. The Pneu-Connect incorporates a built-in pneumatic directional control valve for opening and […]

Compressed air fail: Forgotten dryer setting

By Ron Marshall A food processing plant purchased an energy saving externally heated purge type dryer to save compressed air system energy. This dryer is designed to consume only 7.5% purge flow, compared to 15% for a standard heatless dryer, and was purchased with an onboard energy management system (EMS). The internal dewpoint dependent switching […]