Expanded piFLOWp offers wet-in-place function

Ensuring a safer working environment in food and pharmaceutical processing plants, Wet-In-Place (WIP) functionality has been added to Piab’s popular piFLOWp vacuum conveyors. WIP spray nozzles are now available for inclusion/retrofitting in new and existing piFLOWp conveying systems. The water sprayed by the WIP nozzles will wet any dust from food or pharmaceutical materials left […]

2018 NFPA Annual Conference to offer expanded program, networking

Industry leaders from across the fluid power supply chain will convene at the Four Seasons Resort – Orlando at Disney World on February 20-22 for the National Fluid Power Association’s 2018 Annual Conference.  According to the NFPA, this year’s program features an extended general session as well as numerous networking opportunities. Conference attendees will be […]

Non marking, high temperature resistant vacuum pads

As most of the COVAL product, the SITON material was created due to clients’ request. The cosmetic industry needs non-marking suction pads, along with a capacity to resist high temperatures. Once the product is developed and tested, it was not by surprise that COVAL observed in addition to SITON’s high temperature resistance, it offered a high resistance […]

Smart vacuum-handling regulation boosts productivity

Feedback in a vacuum-handling system limits product damage and energy consumption. By Josef Karbassi, Vice President Automation Division, Piab AB, Täby, Sweden It goes without saying that optimized systems are the most productive. But optimizing an automated, vacuum-based handling system that must deal with a variety of products and operating conditions is no simple task. […]

CylinderFinder online tool from Aventics simplifies pneumatic cylinder selection

Aventics aims to simplify configuration and ordering processes for complete pneumatics solutions through digitalization. All its tools are available free of charge online, from configuration programs to product information, CAD data and calculation tools, up to the energy savings calculator. Engineers and buyers can use its “CylinderFinder” to simplify selection of the right cylinder for their […]

Trampoline generates compressed air for dental use

A group of engineering students at Seoul National University has developed a trampoline designed to produce compressed air and power high-speed dental tools. According to university officials, the set-up would help dentists in developing countries, where reliable power sources may be lacking. A team led by Kim Jae-in, a student in the Mechanical Aviation Engineering […]

RSe series from Ross Controls provides safe exhaust and cylinder return

ROSS Controls introduces its new RSe series sub-base mounted valves for safety exhaust (dump) and safe cylinder return applications up to Category-4, PL e. The safety function of the 3/2 RSe series valve is to supply compressed air to a machine/system until signaled to shut off and exhaust any pneumatics energy from downstream of the […]

The 5 most read pneumatic stories of 2017

From IFPE to Hannover Fair to PackExpo Las Vegas, 2017 has been a busy year in the world of pneumatics! Here’s a look back at the most-read stories to appear on PneumaticTips.com during this past year …   5. Should I use a wet or dry storage receiver? Having both wet and dry receivers takes […]

Robots and fluid power

At first blush, the industrial robotics market doesn’t appear to be a place for fluid power. Walk through an industrial trade show, and you’ll see a multitude of Delta, SCARA, Cartesian and other types of robots busy demonstrating their skills. And each of them is run by electric drives—certainly not hydraulics or pneumatics. But a […]

Compressed Air Fail: Settings problem causes high unload hours

By Ron Marshall A paint manufacturer had a small compressed air system consisting of four lubricated screw compressors feeding general plant compressed air flows.  As part of a compressed air assessment, the compressor operations were monitored and found that all four of the compressors were running during production but they were at reduced duty cycle.  […]

Custom suction cup picks brittle lasagna sheets

Piab is introducing a suction cup specifically designed to handle thin and brittle food items such as the sheets of pasta used in lasagna or very thin slices of cracker bread. A tailor-made solution, the food contact approved F-BXT cup is designed with an extra-long and thin lip enabling it to handle fragile pasta sheets […]

IMI agrees to acquire Bimba Manufacturing

IMI announced that it has agreed to acquire Bimba, a market leading manufacturer of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric motion systems with an extensive distributor network principally servicing the North American Industrial Automation market. Bimba will become an integral part of IMI Precision Engineering and the acquisition represents a significant strategic step for the division. According […]

Aventics launches product portal in the United States

Aventics is now offering its customers in the United States an innovative service and product portal. Available at http://www.pneumatics-shop.us, the portal helps to quickly and easily find information on components and solutions tailored to the requirements of engineers and purchasers. At the same time, the portal’s lean structures and processes speed up online order processes. […]

VMAC appoints Jim Hogan to CEO, Tod Gilbert to President

VMAC has announced changes to the organization of its Senior Management team—appointing former President Jim Hogan to CEO, and Tod Gilbert, former EVP to President. “These changes are an important next step in the company’s exciting future as VMAC continues to differentiate itself as the innovative leader in mobile compressed air,” says David Elgie, VMAC’s […]

IMI Precision Engineering hosts ground-breaking at new Indian production facility

IMI Precision Engineering recently reached a milestone in its global manufacturing strategy. In Noida, near New Delhi, the company hosted a ground-breaking ceremony to celebrate its INR 200m investment ($3.1 million U.S.) into a state-of-the art facility. The site is designed to increase the company’s production capacity to meet the growing demand for its products […]

New piPUMP offers vacuum without the frills

Piab is introducing piPUMP23, a powerful vacuum pump aimed at automated industrial procedures involving, for instance, packaging, sheet metal and wood products. The new pump offers the same premium vacuum ejection performance and energy-efficiency as piCOMPACT23, the company’s popular all-in-one vacuum generator. However, not included are the advanced integrated controls and additional features of piCOMPACT23, […]

51D electronic pressure switches from Norgren

Norgren’s new 51D pressure switch has been designed for high accuracy and resolution for pneumatic applications and works precisely with an accuracy of +/- 2% and a response time of +/- 2.5ms. For filtered, lubricated or non-lubricated compressed air, neutral and incombustible gases. Features include: • Port sizes: 1/8 NPT, G 1/8 • System pressure selectable […]

Piab’s recent acquisitions offer a glimpse into its future

I had the chance yesterday to sit down with Mike Tuohey, Piab’s Sales and Marketing Communication Manager, in his office in Hingham, Mass. Tuohey’s name is one of the most familiar to me in all of fluid power—he’s been in the industry for 33 years now and has seen a lot of history. But the […]

Compressed Air Fail: Control problem due to high flow events

By Ron Marshall A sawmill installed a VSD compressor in their compressed air system to save energy and provide better pressure control.  The site had two 50-hp fixed speed compressors and a new 75-hp VSD controlled compressor.  The system was supposed to be set up so that the VSD compressor would provide the variable flow […]

Registration opens for NFPA Annual Conference

Industry leaders from across the fluid power supply chain will convene at the Four Seasons Resort – Orlando at Disney World on February 20-22 for the National Fluid Power Association’s 2018 Annual Conference. This year’s conference features an expanded general session for more diverse topics and solid takeaways: • Best-selling author Chris McChesney will present […]

PHD releases Series PNC pneumatic identification stamping clamps

PHD is proud to announce the release of the Series PNC Pneumatic Identification Stamping Clamps, also known as the Number Cruncher Clamp, featuring a high clamp force to stamp characters in draw quality steel. Available in three sizes, the largest produces up to 48,330 lb (215 kN) of clamp force with 87 psi (6 bar) […]

Soft robotics design winners announced

The third annual Soft Robotics Design and Research Competitions rated projects that exhibited novel and innovative approaches to soft robotics components and research. Winners of the contest have just been announced. The competition is sponsored by the Soft Robotics Toolkit, a team that grew out of research at Harvard University and Trinity College Dublin that […]

Building up a distributor network from scratch

When you think of distributor networks, what may come to mind is a network that has been in place for decades. But in the case of Koganei USA, their North American distributor partners are relatively new relationships. Koganei’s parent company has been around for more than 80 years, and had previously used a single domestic […]

Smart pneumatics monitor provides gateway for IoT solutions

The Aventics Smart Pneumatic Monitor (SPM) module provides the user with reliable information on the state of wear of actuators, valves and other devices as well as the energy efficiency of pneumatic systems – without the need to involve machine control. Predictive maintenance minimizes the risk of unplanned machine downtimes and significantly lowers operating costs. […]

Compressed Air Fail: Tale of two plants

By Ron Marshall A protein products processor has two plants, separated by a one hour drive, doing about the same thing. The first plant has a standard 60 hp fixed speed, load/unload compressor with dew point controlled heated air dryer, and a 600-gal receiver.  A compressed air assessment was done and the baseline for this […]