Portable hose crimper for forestry market


crimp2Forwarder, skidders, harvester, crane… all these forestry machines consume a lot of hydraulic hoses.

Facing numerous constraints due to a challenging environment, the hydraulic hoses need to be changed regularly. Most of the forest sites are hardly accessible. On-site maintenance can be made thanks to a mobile workshop, guarantying high levels of productivity and ensuring machines are operational, thus reducing the lead time.

Techmaflex, a French manufacturer of assembly machines, has developed the perfect hose crimping solution for the players of the forestry industry.

Techmaflex’s H CRIMP 110 can crimp hoses up to 1-in. 4SP, making it the best within its category. It is both lightweight (21kg) and robust thanks to the protective wings surrounding the head.
The narrow head (220 x 222 x 240mm) delivers a 110 tons of crimping force, combining great flexibility with high power. A removable plate greatly improves the operators’ comfort and makes the carrying much more convenient.

Techmaflex’s H CRIMP 110 is available today with a distributors network, in France and internationally.

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