Quaker Chemical features fire-resistant hydraulic fluids at the CHS2 International Conference on Hot Sheet Metal Forming of High-Performance Steel


Quaker Chemical Corp. will present its fire-resistant hydraulic fluids solutions at the CHS2 Conference on Hot Sheet Metal Forming from June 4-7 in Atlanta.

Hot forming operations, also known as press hardening, have all the elements of a fire hazard—900°C (1,652°F) hot surfaces, pressurized oil in the hydraulic systems, and the proximity of the hot surfaces to the pressurized oil. If the oil ignites, it can create a torch-like, exploding fire resulting in significant equipment damage and serious safety risks for operators.

Today a large number of hydraulic presses for hot sheet metal forming are still filled with a mineral oil-based hydraulic fluid that presents a considerable fire hazard. Even though press-hardening operators are concerned about the risk, many are not aware that there are safer, cost-effective hydraulic fluid alternatives.

To mitigate these potentially serious risks, more and more press hardening operators are taking a fresh look at synthetic ester-based hydraulic fluids (HFD-U) that offer increased fire resistance. Quaker’s QUINTOLUBRIC 888 Series line of fire-resistant hydraulic fluid solutions offers one fire prevention and risk control strategy. Its benefits include:

  • Superior fire resistance when compared to mineral oil
  • Ease of transition and an effective replacement for mineral oil. Generally requires no hydraulic system modification, no special maintenance, and is compatible with commonly used seal and hose material
  • Enhanced hydraulic fluid performance including efficient lubrication, fluid longevity and effective filterability.

The QUINTOLUBRIC line of fire-resistant hydraulic fluids  keeps machines working at optimal performance with fewer interruptions and a longer life span for a lower total cost of ownership, increased safety, and reduced risk.

Quaker Chemical Corp.


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