Rexroth’s North American GoTo program now up to 5,000 items


bosch rexroth gotoFor the 8th consecutive year, Bosch Rexroth’s GoTo Focused Delivery Program continues to grow, now offering more than 5,000 Drive & Control products for fast delivery. More than 99% of the products in the program ship in 10 days or fewer, with the same lead times in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

The latest round of GoTo updates features new products across many Drive & Control technology product lines, and now includes more than 5,000 products—more than four times the original offering of 1,200 part numbers in 2009. The GoTo Focused Delivery Program is continually optimized and updated, so that the product offering remains fresh and reflects the latest technologies while continuing to grow, even as older or less popular products are rotated out of the program.

The largest representative in the GoTo program remains hydraulics, with a net addition of more than 100 components. These include a variety of AZPF and AZPN gear pumps for mobile hydraulics applications and a wide range of pump types for industrial applications. Hydraulics has also added many new series of proportional valves, check valves, and sandwich valves; a wide range of new filters, with crossover listings for customers wishing to upgrade; and significantly, a major increase in hydraulic power pack options, which increases the number of GoTo configurations from 20 possible configurations previously to more than 200 configurations today.

The electric drives and controls portfolio also experiences a significant expansion in the latest GoTo program update, with 140 additions. Highlights include larger offerings in IndraDrives (C/M, Cs and Mi) and associated firmware; a wider selection of EFC 3610 and 5610 variable frequency drives; new MTX micro options for CNC; and the IndraControl XM featuring Open Core Engineering. Key changes in linear motion technologies are one-day lead times for size 15-45 Rail Seal with mounting clip, and the additions of size 100-XC Electromechanical Cylinder EMC and AOK Drive Units in sizes 20, 32 and 40. In the area of assembly technologies, new cover and end cap colors have been added to GoTo for the aluminum framing product line.

The product updates are reflected in all of the latest catalogs at all three country websites: , , and To help customers build complete solutions with fast-shipping products, Rexroth is also introducing a new GoTo Solutions microsite at with an initial focus on flow racks, ergonomic workstations and production desks. The new microsite highlights Rexroth’s MTpro design software and makes MTpro files available for each system to allow further customization of each system. Additionally, the microsite lets Rexroth eShop customers upload the parts list for any of these solutions directly to the Rexroth USA eShop.

As before, Rexroth’s popular GoTo Products mobile app is updated with the latest products to make it easy to check whether a specific product is available in the GoTo Focused Delivery Program. The app also allows registered eShop users in the U.S. to purchase directly from the app for even greater convenience. Additionally, app users can instantly retrieve all of the updates by using the app’s sync-on-demand feature, which has been improved to increase sync speeds, at any time after installation. For information on the GoTo Products app and other productivity-enhancing apps, please visit .
Many countries in Central Europe, as well as Brazil in South America, have also introduced the benefits of streamlined access to GoTo products to their customers. Check your local websites for more information.

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    When will the A6VE115 motor configurations be available in the GoTo program?

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