Flow rate calculator and orifice size calculator launched by SFC Koenig


SFC Koenig has created a restrictor Flow Rate Calculator and a restrictor Orifice Size Calculator that are publically available on the company’s web site. The calculators assist customers in the design process as well as with product selection.


“These online calculators are great tools for engineers and designers,” said Tom Ryan, Head of Product Management at SFC Koenig. “Instead of manually determining a flow restrictor’s performance, or the needed orifice size, the user can enter a few key data points and know which product to use, or estimate the effect of an installed component. This can save many steps in the design process.”

SFC Koenig's flow rate calculatorWhen using the Flow Rate Calculator, users select a Koenig Restrictor model and enter the orifice size, pressure difference and the specific gravity of the fluid to calculate the flow rate. In the Orifice Size Calculator, users select a Koenig Restrictor model and enter the fluid flow rate, the pressure difference and the specific gravity of the fluid to calculate the orifice size.

“Our Flow Rate Calculator and Orifice Size Calculator are great D-I-Y tools for anyone involved in product selection,” continued Ryan. “At SFC Koenig we are always looking for ways to provide value to our customers, and these online tools are just another feature we can offer that makes the selection of our flow control solutions easy.”

Customers should contact an SFC Koenig representative before placing any order, and the Company offers expert engineering support to review customer application requirements.

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