KNF Neuberger, Inc.

Since 1977, German quality engineering principles, design precision, American ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit have been at work at KNF Neuberger, Inc. The company's broad range of products support a wide variety of applications, either as a vital part of an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) instrument, or as a stand-alone laboratory device. In the medical field, applications for KNF pumps include manual and automated blood analyzers, operating room blood/gas monitors, heart-assist devices, and many more.

In the environmental arena, KNF products help to analyze the exhaust of vehicles and industrial plants and thereby monitor/manage the emissions of pollutants. KNF pumps are widely used in various security/defense applications as well as in many reprographic devices. In the research laboratory, KNF provides LABOPORTĀ®, a corrosion-resistant, maintenance-free line of dry vacuum pumps and accessories. KNF pioneered the design of solid PTFE resin pumps to handle applications utilizing aggressive gases/liquids. (Read what others are saying about their experiences with KNF LABOPORT pumps in their lab on our testimonials page.)

KNF's customers include Fortune 100 firms; fast-track small-to-mid-sized and start-up firms; local, state and federal government agencies; and university research centers. Increasing demand for KNF products led to the design and construction of a USA headquarters facility and manufacturing plant in 1994, with several subsequent site expansions.

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