Miniature M3 dry break quick disconnects

Do you need a quick way to switch fluid power lines while maintaining a leak free environment either in your product design or testing facility?  Does your design warrant a precision machined assembly that is easy to use, reduces down time and eliminates leaks?  Is space limited?  If so, Beswick Engineering’s new dry break quick

Why is leakage still a problem?

by Josh Cosford, Contributing Editor Is leakage accepted as a necessary evil, or can we banish it for good? Picture this: You walk into the lobby of a large, billion dollar, global manufacturing megacorp. You make your way across the floor fashioned from imported marble, past a magnificent indoor waterfall and then up to the

Eaton launches low-temperature hydraulic hose

Last week during IFPE, Eaton Corp.’s, Hydraulics Group, Eden Prairie, Minn., introduced the Ice Champion EC810 hose for extreme low temperature applications. This spiral wire reinforced hydraulic hose withstands temperatures as low as -57°C (-70°F) and pressures as high as 420 bar (6,100 psi) making it particularly well-suited for use in high pressure hydraulic circuits

Gates to introduce new industrial hose naming and color-coding system

The Gates Corporation, a global manufacturer of industrial and automotive products, announced it would be an exhibitor at IFPE 2014 during CONEXPO-CON/AGG, which will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 4-8. The hose and belt manufacturer will introduce its new industrial hose naming and color-coding system. The new structure uses descriptive, intuitive, and sensible

Rebranded industrial hydraulic hoses

Gates Corp., Denver, Colo., will be unveiling its rebranded industrial hose lines at IFPE in Las Vegas, March 4-8. The hose and belt manufacturer will introduce its new industrial hose naming and color-coding system, which uses descriptive, intuitive, and sensible names to streamline hose selection, reduce hassles, and help eliminate downtime. The company has created

Hydraulic hose on mobile machinery

By Josh Cosford Because it is impossible to physically stack every component of a hydraulic system like a Jenga tower, plumbing is required to direct hydraulic energy through the circuit. Pipe, tube and hose are required to channel fluid through the system, and the requirements of the system must be reflected in the choice of

Pipe and Flange Protection by MOCAP

MOCAP’s new line of Pipe and Flange Protection Products include Pipe Caps, Pipe Plugs, Outside Fitting Flange Protectors, Push-In Flange Protectors and Bolt Hole Flange Protectors. They are designed to protect many sizes and styles of pipes and flanges from moisture, contamination and damage during transit, handling and storage. They all provide for easy installation

Swagelok® Improves Assembly and Installation Time

Engineered to streamline nut-ferrule installation, Swagelok Company introduces the new Swagelok® High-Volume Swaging Unit (HVSU) aimed to increase safety and productivity for the oil and gas, alternative fuel, and general industries (Figure 1). (Figure1) Engineered to streamline nut-ferrule installation, the new Swagelok® High-Volume Swaging Unit (HVSU) aims to increase safety and productivity for the oil

Highlights from the Eaton Distributor Meeting

There is much to report after a whirlwind visit to Orlando for my third Eaton Distributor Meeting, in which I met with different market leaders for the Hydraulics group, including construction and material handling; alternative energies; industrial hydraulics; and agriculture. I’ll be giving full reports from those markets but I just wanted to give a

NewAge Industries Offers Hose Clamps in Three Styles

Available from plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries are three styles of clamps to secure fittings to tubing. The three styles – double bond, ear type and worm gear – are used in a wide range of industries including food and beverage, chemical, laboratory, medical, OEM, MRO, aerospace and aviation, pool and spa, automotive, appliance, marine

Hydraulic hose provides flexibility with tight-bend radii

Isobaric hydraulic hose from Ryco is available in spiral (H series) and wire-braid (T series) styles, offering a very small bend radii (2 in. hose with a 400-mm bend radius) that is about 2/3 the industry standard. This tight radii allows for easier installation and routing, along with reduced weight. H series spiral hose is

New Technical Specification Now Available From NFPA

A new ISO Technical Specification has recently been published and is now available from the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA). ISO/TS 17165-2:2013 (supersedes ISO/TR 17165-2:2006) Hydraulic fluid power – Hose assemblies – Part 2: Practices for hydraulic hose assemblies The Technical Specification provides guidelines for selection, routing, fabrication, installation, replacement, maintenance and storage of hose

Polyurethane Tubing from Ark-Plas Products Inc.

Polyether-based polyurethane tubing offers excellent resistance to chemicals, kinking, abrasion, hydrolysis, oxidation, and ozone exposure. The company’s polyether-based polyurethane tubing excels in maintaining exceptional flexibility, high-impact strength, and above average performance in cold temperature. Generally stronger than ether-based tubing, ester-based polyurethane tubing features above average chemical resistance, a high level of resilience, and adequate energy

40% of NewAge Industries now owned by employees

The recent holidays were a time for togetherness and gift giving, and together the team members of NewAge Industries received an unexpected gift. The company’s CEO and majority shareholder, Ken Baker, recently announced that in early 2013 he will sell an additional ten percent of NewAge’s shares to the company’s ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan),

Customized Plastic Tubing from NewAge® Industries Eases Installations & Reduces Costs

NewAge Industries now offers eight ways to customize tubing. These products, made to an engineer’s or buyer’s specifications, offer benefits including improved ingredient compatibility, lower procurement and inventory carrying expenses, a refined appearance, and reduced assembly time and labor costs. NewAge offers the following tubing customization methods: Custom extrusions, where additives are blended with raw

Parker launches the Rapid Assembly Hose system

Parker Hannifin’s Parflex Division has created the Rapid Assembly Hose system — a hose and fitting system for low-pressure pneumatic and hydraulic systems. This system comprises Parker RA (Rapid Assembly) quick connecting hose fittings and adapters, as well as Parflex 515H hose. Altogether, the products optimize the assembly time, while reducing overall system weight and

SMC One-touch fittings with specially designed packing

SMC’s range of one-touch fittings feature a specially designed packing that offers a positive sealing under pressure, effectively eliminating the reduced flow commonly associated with compression fittings. Its latest series, the KQ2 one-touch are available in inch and metric size fittings as well as in various body styles, sizes and thread types. Its special profile seal

Three of NewAge Industries’ Tubing Lines Reach Anniversary Milestones

NewAge’s Clearflo® PVC tubing was introduced in the spring of 1962, and the company is pleased to note its 50th anniversary. Clearflo is now used for fluid and air transfer and for protective jacketing. Two other products from NewAge Industries, Newflex® reinforced PVC hose and Silbrade® reinforced silicone hose, have also reached special occasions, namely

Pevco unveils TEC-6 Pneumatic Tube Carrier

Pevco’s ( latest pneumatic tube carrier has been specifically designed for hospital material delivery. Offering advances in durability and performance, the TEC-6 (Trackable Ergonomic Carrier, six-inch) improves on how busy healthcare professionals provide patient care. “When designing the TEC-6, we studied how nursing, pharmacy and laboratory professionals use carriers in the course of their day.

AutomationDirect expands tubing and fittings offering in pneumatics line

AutomationDirect has added new models of tubing and fittings to its NITRA line of pneumatic components, as well as blow guns and aluminum manifolds. Available in 100-and 250-ft lengths, NITRA 16mm polyurethane tubing has a shore A 98 hardness rating, provides tight outside diameter tolerance and has superior kink resistance. The ether-based tubing provides excellent

Expanded tubing and hose line

AutomationDirect has added new tubing and hose options to its NITRA line of pneumatic components, including bonded straight and coiled styles. Available in 50-ft lengths, NITRA bonded polyurethane tubing is made by a continuous bonding process, resulting in a strong, organized, color-coded package with flexibility and kink resistance. The shore A 98 hardness rating provides