Webinar: Dealing with Contamination Sources in Hydraulics (Part 1)


contam_damaged_spool-300This webinar was originally broadcast on Tuesday, October 18, 2016


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It is commonly know that the majority of hydraulic component failures are caused by contamination inside the system. What are these contaminants, how do they get inside and what damage and problems do they cause? Reliable hydraulic system performance is enhanced with a great contamination awareness and control strategy. Carl will share first hand accounts of how industrial machines have failed due to tiny particles trapped inside the fluid and components.

In this part one webinar participants will learn:

  • The five most common types of solid particles found in hydraulic systems
  • Sources and sizes of solid particles
  • Typical ingression paths for particle contaminants
  • Component damage and wear caused by solid particles


carl-150Carl Dyke, Consultant/Trainer, CD Industrial Group Inc.
Carl has been providing hydraulics training and maintenance services for seventeen years. Having started his industrial career in sawmills where sawdust contaminates so many hydraulic systems, Carl has helped mining, oilfield, metal smelters as well as pulp and paper industries where he has found many common issues with hydraulic contaminants as well as some industry unique ones. Carl has witnessed first hand, the damage to machines and productivity caused by particles. He can often be found at his shop, staring down the enemy through his microscope.


MaryMary Gannon, Moderator, Fluid Power World
Mary Gannon, a Managing Editor for Fluid Power World, has a BS in journalism from Boston University, and has been a technical writer and editor for more than ten years. Gannon has covered an extensive range of industrial topics, including motion control, power transmission and fluid power.



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