CY.PAG expands business with new hydraulic cylinder product line


CY.PAG has expanded its business through creating a new product line of hydraulic cylinders—by evolving and combining our own existing technologies. Since 1995, the company has counted among its clients some of the leading companies operating in the industrial automation sector.

Its hydraulic cylinders are in accordance to standards design ISO 6020/2 – DIN 24554 and N.F.P.A – J.I.C. and compact cylinders.

Cy.Pag. hydraulic cylinders consist of three series:
• “HS” series, designed in accordance to ISO 6020/2 and DIN 24554 AFNOR-NFE48016 standards.
• “HP (heavy)” and “HL (light)” series, designed in accordance to N.F.P.A. and J.I.C. standards.
• “HC” series (compact cylinders).

Click here for more information concerning the complete Production range and the new Hydraulic cylinders catalogue.

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