April 2018 Issue: Hydraulic hybrid powers fuel-efficient tug

Boston Dynamics talks fluid power, 3D printing at IFK More than 650 fluid power manufacturers, users and academics came to Aachen, Germany last month to talk about the future of hydraulics and pneumatics technology at the 11th IFK. Aaron Saunders, VP of Engineering of Boston Dynamics gave a memorable keynote address. Boston Dynamics is the

February 2018 Issue: How automated air control valves can replace VFDs

Fluid power continues to evolve   Fluid power has somewhat of a reputation for being mature and un-changing, but at least from a corporate perspective, changes do happen and sometimes they can happen fast. After covering this industry for more than two decades, it’s amazing to think of the brand names that have come and

December 2017 Issue : Hydraulic seals battle extreme cold – Robots and fluid power + more

At first blush, the industrial robotics market doesn’t appear to be a place for fluid power. Walk through an industrial trade show, and you’ll see a multitude of Delta, SCARA, Cartesian and other types of robots busy demonstrating their skills. And each of them is run by electric drives— certainly not hydraulics or pneumatics. But

November 2017 issue: Mobile machines in extreme enviroments + more

  Will automation make too many jobs irrelevant? At the National Fluid Power Association’s recent Industry and Economic Outlook Conference in suburban Chicago, Kevin Surace of Appvance spoke about the amazing disruptions that technology will play in our lives over the coming decades. The future is both scary and amazing, but we have to prepare

September 2017 issue: Couplings ensure smooth conveying + more

  Building a better event Although you may be thinking Fall, we’re already thinking Spring, because we’re knee-deep in the midst of planning for our third annual Fluid Power Technology Conference & Expo in Milwaukee. The conference, held at MSOE’s Kern Center, is already set for May 15-16, 2018. One of our takeaways after successfully

August 2017 issue: Set it then forget it + more

  The value of associations is in participation I’ve been a big proponent of associations over the course of my career covering the world of fluid power. They’ve helped me meet and interact with important industry leaders, network with readers, and understand the critical issues facing manufacturers today. I recently had the chance to catch

June 2017 issue: Fluid Power Handbook

  FLUID POWER OVERVIEW Welcome to the sixth edition of the Fluid Power Handbook. Every year, our editors strive to add to the great amount of information we’ve already accumulated on hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems. For this year’s edition, we’ve incorporated some frequently asked questions into the majority of the sections, and I

May 2017 issue: Electrohydraulic drives interface with the IoT, Industry 4.0 + more

  A cause for optimism? It’s been the heart of trade show season the last few months, with the triennial IFPE, the annual Hannover Messe and Offshore Technology Conference keeping the fluid power manufacturing community—not to mention us in the media—quite busy. It is always great to get out and see the new technology firsthand,

April 2017 issue: Hydraulic hybrid slashes operating costs + more

In this issue: 32 Hydraulic hybrid slashes operating costs 40 Safe pneumatic system design 48 Demystifying transducers 54 Fluid Power Technology Conference   Maintaining relevance in the midst of change Change in the fluid power industry is almost always through gradual evolution, and not in huge jumps and starts. Our technology is a mature one,

February 2017 issue: Fluid Power drives mega dozer + more

In this issue: 74 Fluid Power drives mega dozer 82 Keeping your mobile machine running efficiently 88 Staying dry with cool air 94 How do you remove water from hydraulic fluid?   Caterpillar’s trucking it out of Peoria … what does it mean? By Paul Heney   If you were sick of the political back

November 2016 issue: How does extreme heat affect hydraulic hose? + more

In this issue: 36 How can you keep your mobile machine running efficiently 44 PNEUMATICS Comparing the real costs of vacuum generators 54 INDUSTRIAL HYDRAULICS Is hydraulic efficiency a myth? 60 HOSE AND TUBING How does extreme heat affect hydraulic hose?   Engineering education: The science vs. technology split   Although it’s been more than

September 2016 issue: Engineering a groundbreaking hydraulic hybrid + more

In this issue: 32 Careful monitoring ensures reliability in high-speed hydraulics 38 Engineering a groundbreaking hydraulic hybrid 48 Pneumatics makes quick work of packaging lane changes 54 Pneumatic valves continue to inspire unique applications   Expanding your options online   One of our passions here at Fluid Power World is providing you with all your

August 2016 issue: Pilot systems for mining shovels: Large motions begin with tiny valves + more

In this issue: 20 Water glycol fluid and hydraulic seals 38 Sensors help you understand your system 48 Right-sized pneumatic cylinders 52 Pilot systems for mining shovels: Large motions begin with tiny valves   Building a better distributor   Not long ago, I had the opportunity to sit in on a “University of Industrial Distribution

Fluid Power World Handbook 2016 Digital Edition

WELCOME to the fifth edition of the Fluid Power Handbook. This year, we have again changed the look and feel of this issue, and we welcome your feedback on these changes. You will find updated sections on many components and other areas of fluid power interest, some all-new topics, and a fascinating trends piece on

May 2016 issue: A Lego-like pneumatic solution, injection molders, versatility of hydraulics + more

In this issue: 26 Ag machinery relies on the versatility of hydraulics 34 Twelve tips for better cylinder selection 42 A Lego-like pneumatic solution for customized machines 48 The hydraulics of injection molders   Challenging college students to love hydraulics   This week, I had the good fortune to attend the Chainless Challenge, one of

April 2016 issue: Hydraulics, proper air preparation, offline filtration + more

In this issue: 32 MOBILE HYDRAULICS Hydraulics define the evolution of construction machinery 40 MARINE HYDRAULICS Electrohydraulic controls improve ship stability 48 AIR PREPARATION Understanding proper air preparation 56 FILTRATION Spotlight on offline filtration   The looming crisis in hydraulic repair   Quality, cost and overall value have always been important considerations when it comes

March 2016 Issue: Power of ocean waves, mobile hydraulics troubleshooting + more

In this issue: 32 OFFSHORE TECHNOLOGY Hydraulics captures the power of ocean waves 38 PNEUMATICS Safe Packaging applications with pneumatics 46 MOBILE HYDRAULICS Mobile hydraulics troubleshooting, part 2 55 GAUGES The lowdown on gauges

February 2016 issue: New twist on pneumatic muscles, mobile Hydraulics troubleshooting + more

In this issue: 32 MEDICAL PNEUMATICS New twist on pneumatic muscles 38 HYDRAULIC VALVES From the basic to advanced: selecting directional control valves 42 MOBILE HYDRAULICS Mobile hydraulics troubleshooting 48 INDUSTRIAL HYDRAULICS Hydraulic efficiency grows with variable speed drives   A simple path to higher efficiency   Everyone is for energy efficiency—as long as it

2015 December Fluid Power World Digital Edition

I’ve covered fluid power technology since the mid-1990s, and one of my biggest complaints about the industry was that it lagged far behind Europe and Asia—at least in collaboration between fluid power manufacturers and technical universities. I have been fortunate to travel to conferences in Germany, Finland and China where I was able to see

Fluid Power World October 2015 Issue

Kids, education and fluid power You’ll likely notice that most issues of Fluid Power World have a particular focus on students and fluid power education. While it’s common to see “students are our future” type statements in most any industry, I think we can all admit that getting kids-heck, even college engineering students-interested in hydraulics

Fluid Power World August 2015 Issue

In this issue: Successful offshore sealing: Hydraulic systems in marine environments require a complex combination of specialized seals. Understanding the different materials and styles is critical to a safe, successful design. Industrial Hydraulics: Hydraulic press safety is vital in automotive manufacturing. Pneumatics: New environments challenge pneumatic cylinders + R&D, Association Watch, Energy Efficiency, Distributor Updates,

Fluid Power World Handbook 2015 Digital Edition

Welcome to the fourth edition of the Fluid Power Handbook. Once again this year, we’ve given the sections an updated feel, and I look forward to your feedback on these changes. You will find updated sections on many components and other areas of fluid power interest, along with several all-new topics, and a fascinating trends