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This sample circuit of a hydraulic hoist (not a real hoist or Raptor), includes a pump, relief valve, DCV, cylinder and a counterbalance valve. (Note: the author created the circuit but AI was used to create the vehicle image.)

When should you use counterbalance valves?

Got milk(y) hydraulic oil? Hopefully your hydraulic oil isn't this obscure, but milky oil is a sure sign of water saturation.

Hydraulic oil analysis part 4 — water’s impact

Hydraulic control valve Image courtesy of AdobeStock

Increasing hydraulic efficiency outside of pump selection


New open-center directional valve group for mobile machinery

The versatile EIS Pull Plug for permanent sealing of hydraulic systems

EIS Pull Plugs simplify permanent sealing in hydraulic systems

CAN Networks for mobile hydraulics AdobeStock_474738339

How CAN makes mobile hydraulic control more reliable and precise

ATAM ATEX-certified connector production

ATAM launches ATEX-certified connectors for solenoid valves

6 things sawmills must do to maintain hydraulic equipment

Why use OHLAs for electric mobile machines?