Aventics releases new brochure on pneumatic solutions for life sciences

A new 16-page brochure titled “Integrated Solutions for Life Sciences” is available from Aventics. The company’s pneumatic products and technology can be found in all areas of life sciences. They prepare and distribute air, oxygen and medical gases in hospitals, and supply patients with oxygen through mobile oxygen concentrators. Pneumatic components make shock wave therapy […]

Parker and HMS Industrial Networks partner for valve control communications

HMS Industrial Networks has shipped its five-millionth Anybus product to Parker Hannifin, with its Anybus CompactCom B40, which is to be used in one of Parker’s new valve control units. Anybus CompactCom will enable these valve controls to communicate on any fieldbus or industrial Ethernet network and consequently be used in any type of application, anywhere. […]

Are there benefits to over-sizing my air filters and dryers?

The size and type of air dryer and filters used on your compressed air system can affect both energy efficiency and the quality of the air produced.  Oversizing components can help improve these characteristics. Often, when an air dryer is purchased, it is sized to exactly match the output capacity of the air compressor.  If […]

DTM70-H is world’s first direct-transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor

VMAC has announced the product release of the DTM70-H, the world’s first direct transmission mounted PTO driven air compressor with hydraulics. The VMAC DTM70-H maximizes productivity with up to 70 cfm of air at 100 psi, and up to 14.9 gpm of hydraulic flow at 3265 psi, all at 100% duty cycle. “This new innovative […]

Aventics is focused on Mexico, this year’s Hannover partner country

With more than 123 million inhabitants, this year’s partner country to the 2018 Hannover Messe, Mexico, is the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world and has the 15th largest economy. As an automobile nation, it takes seventh place, ahead of Spain, Canada, Brazil, and France. In 2017, the country produced around 3.7 million cars, and […]

Software allows for making 3D-printed customized bag grippers

Piab’s new Customizable Bag Gripper (CBG) design tool is a unique software program that allows customers to design/configure world-class and lightweight vacuum grippers for perfect handling of bags and pouches weighing up to 4.4 lb. Optimally designed vacuum gripper tools for best-in-class grip on specific bags or pouches can be realized within two minutes. ” […]

Compressed Air Fail: Ventilation short circuit

By Ron Marshall A milk products company was experiencing overheating problems with their air compressor and air dryer. Two small air cooled compressors had been installed in a closed in mezzanine area above the plant. A well-controlled ventilation system kept the space at lower than 70° F, but for some reason the compressors had temperature […]

Stainless steel pressure regulators, valve boosters suitable for tough environments

ControlAir Inc. manufacturers stainless steel pneumatic pressure regulators and volume boosters for the offshore and corrosive environments.These can now be found in one catalog located under ‘Resources’ on the company’s website. Common across all products in this group is a rugged construction and the use of corrosion resistant materials.  With 316L Stainless Steel materials being […]

piSMART elevates packaging to Industry 4.0

Elevating packaging lines to the intelligence levels promised by Industry 4.0, Piab is introducing piSMART versions of its most advanced vacuum technology products. Focused on maximized productivity and energy-efficiency, piSMART vacuum equipment places new cloud-based analysis tools in the hands of operators. Building on intelligent features already available in some of Piab’s vacuum equipment, piSMART […]

ControlAir releases stainless-steel pressure regulators and valve boosters

ControlAir Inc. has released stainless-steel pneumatic pressure regulators and volume boosters for the offshore and corrosive environments. Common across all products in this group is a rugged construction and the use of corrosion resistant materials. With 316L stainless steel materials being used in the housings to ensure the best resistance to corrosive environments, ControlAir has […]

What are the benefits of looping my compressed air piping?

By Ron Marshall Most compressed air piping systems are radial feeds, with one-way piping branches feeding out from the compressor room in all directions. Often, the piping starts out in larger size and, if the design engineer wanted to save costs, the diameter of the piping might be reduced near the end of the lines.  […]

Pressure holding valves

In certain applications, venting of the actuator has to be avoided in case of pressure failure. For this purpose Hafner has developed the so-called pressure holding valve. From a technical perspective the pressure holding valve is a double non-return valve which is blocking the air-flow when neither at port P1 nor port P2 any pressure […]

Compressed air efficiency: 7 tips to get the best bang for your buck

By Ron Marshall The words “bang for your buck” are frightening when it comes to compressed air, but there are definitely very good opportunities to save money by optimizing the way you operate.  Compressed air is one of the most costly utilities used in industrial and commercial sites.  Only about 10% of the energy input […]

Cushioning Adjustment Tool provides quick and easy visualization to fine-tune pneumatic cylinder cushioning

Contributed by Nathan Irvine – Product Specialist, Drives & Sensors, Aventics Corp. For high-speed equipment in applications such as timber processing, heavy-duty steel pneumatic cylinders were often specified because of cycle speeds and harsh operating conditions. However, using ideal cushioning technology from Aventics, medium-duty aluminum cylinders are often specified in high-speed/high-load applications, lasting longer and […]

How automated air control valves can replace VFDs

Air knife systems controlled by automated valves offer significant benefits over complex and costly VFD motor controls. By Dan VanderPyl, President, Sonic Air Systems Variable frequency drives for electric motors have become a welcome addition to a wide variety of machinery for a long list of 21st century applications, but they are no longer the […]

Smart compressor/vacuum pump from Thomas gives users design options

Gardner Denver Thomas has released its latest new product development—the 2320Z series compressor/vacuum pump. This new platform is ideal for the O2 concentrator market, but because of its higher maximum rated pressure and vacuum capability, is also an excellent choice for other medical or laboratory applications. It incorporates advanced design and patent-pending technologies as well […]

Aventics Smart Pneumatics Monitor enables predictive maintenance, maximizing system availability

Many users wish for prompt information on the state of wear and energy efficiency of pneumatic systems at a glance to be able to respond to potential leaks or machine downtimes early on. The Smart Pneumatics Monitor (SPM) from Aventics detects the system operating state, analyzes data, and provides this processed information to users for […]

Dearing Compressor announces acquisition of Pittsburgh-based Kruman Equipment

Dearing Compressor & Pump Co., the second oldest Gardner Denver industrial air compressor distributor, recently completed its first ever acquisition, merging with the oldest Gardner Denver distributor, Pittsburgh-based Kruman Equipment. The acquisition allows Dearing to effectively double their industrial air compressor business while providing counterbalance to the dynamic energy market. CEO and President, Rick Dearing, […]

Compressed air fail: Hidden piping problems

By Ron Marshall A food processing plant recently built an expansion to their existing building. The compressed air system in the new plant was of very efficient cutting edge, self-contained design. The system uses a mix of VSD and fixed-speed compressors with a central controller, desiccant air dryers with dewpoint control, large storage, and pressure/flow […]

Aventics refines its Advanced Valves once again

Right from the start, simple handling was one of the most important features of the AV valve system series. Pneumatics specialists from Aventics have taken this approach one step further and now have a new solution to showcase at the Hannover Messe 2018. With outlets on the bottom, the AV system is optimized for installation […]

How do I put my compressor to sleep?

By Ron Marshall One of the biggest wastes of energy in a compressed air system is allowing your air compressor to use energy when it is not producing air. This can be a big problem with screw compressors, due to the way these compressors typically operate. Well-maintained modern day screw compressors running in load/unload control […]

How important is pressure to my compressed air efficiency?

By Ron Marshall The pressure at which you operate your system has a significant effect on the energy efficiency of your air compressors, and  can affect the air consumption of the compressed air powered tools and equipment in the plant. Running at higher pressure than desired causes higher system flow and more power consumption, increasing […]

Leybold to present vacuum portfolio at ANUGA FoodTec

At the leading trade fair Anuga FoodTec in Cologne, Leybold will present its vacuum technologies for the food processing and packaging industry from the 20th to the 23rd March 2018. The efficient solutions of the vacuum supplier are used worldwide. In a wide variety of applications, the pumps, systems and measuring devices of this long-established company make a […]

ISO/VDMA series CV small-bore cylinders from PHD

PHD Inc. originally began manufacturing a line of small bore cylinders in 1957, under the Tom Thumb brand name. The NFPA line provides reliability and long-life characteristics in small bore cylinders, and the products continue to be a popular choice among manufacturers around the world due to features like low maintenance, field-reparability, various mounting styles […]

Mechanical locking cylinders from Milwaukee Cylinder

End-of-stroke, mechanical locking cylinders provide positive mechanical locking when cylinders are fully extended, fully retracted, or both. An internal mechanical device locks the load into position, and it and remains locked until line pressure is applied. It also remains locked in the event of piston-seal failure or the absence of line pressure. Only applied hydraulic […]