Triton is selling Aventics to Emerson

Emerson, headquartered in St. Louis, still has pneumatics on its mind. After purchasing ASCO in 1985, it bought Joucomatic a few years later and added it to the ASCO family. Later, in 2008, Emerson acquired Numatics—and combined the two as the ASCO Numatics division of the company. Now Emerson, the global technology and engineering company, is on […]

Ergonomic vacuum lifters take strain of handling e-commerce parcels

The growing popularity of internet shopping means that an increasing number of parcels of many different shapes and sizes needs to be handled at e-commerce order fulfilment centers, distribution centers and parcel carrier terminals. Piab’s ergonomic Vaculex lifters offer semi-automated handling solutions that take the strain off staff at such units or depots. The flexible […]

Should I turn my compressor off at night?

Often, because compressors are located in a far off corner of the building, air compressors are left to run all night and on weekends.  If there are no production activities during these hours, the air compressor(s) will continue to feed leaks and other miscellaneous loads, such as air consuming equipment left on, or air dryer […]

Eaton now exclusive distributor of Coremo Ocmea caliper brakes

Eaton has announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Coremo Ocmea, a manufacturer of brakes and clutches based in Milan, Italy. The agreement gives Eaton exclusive rights to distribute the company’s full line of products in the United States and Canada, and creates a global industrial clutch and brake leader with a broad […]

LEM+ and LEMAX+ intelligent vacuum pumps

COVAL is expanding its range of intelligent vacuum pumps with the launch of new products: LEM+ and LEMAX+. Increased power is combined with COVAL vacuum pump qualities: performance, compactness and energy savings. As their name implies, the LEM+ and the LEMAX+ are more powerful versions of the LEM and LEMAX, vacuum pumps previously commercialized by COVAL. For COVAL, […]

Compressed Air Fail: Poor VSD performance

By Ron Marshall A new maintenance manager was concerned about the compressor control in his plant.  To him, it appeared that the performance of his three screw compressors was substandard, especially this variable speed drive compressor.  And, he was running out of compressor capacity, the plant pressure was dropping to unacceptable levels, which was affecting […]

Virtual Engineer tool from Parker Hannifin gives users intuitive interface for simplified design processes

A new motion control design tool for engineers from Parker Hannifin Corp. aims to help with the proper selection of electromechanical and pneumatic linear motion. Dubbed Virtual Engineer, the free online tool is an intuitive interface where users can easily enter their application specifications, (for example, speed, load, external forces) and then quickly navigate to […]

New rodless cylinder from Aventics supports compact machine design

Aventics completes its range of rodless cylinders with the addition of the RTC-SB, a slide bearing version that rounds off the pneumatics specialist’s RTC range of rodless cylinders. As with the other double-acting rodless cylinders from Aventics, at the heart of the RTC-SB (slide bearing) is its oval piston shape. In relation to its size, it […]

ControlAir Inc. achieves ISO 9001:2015

ControlAir Inc. has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification of its Quality Management System. The Certificate of Registration was issued by International Quality Registrars on February 9, 2018. The company previously earned certification under ISO 9001:2008 in 2010 and has been audited annually since 2013. International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 is the most updated standard and […]

Going soft on grippers

There’s a growing interest in nontraditional pneumatic end effectors that offer flexibility and a deft touch. Pneumatic grippers have been used for decades to pick up, carry and place everything from tiny electronic components to sizeable objects like engine blocks and lumber. Most have rigid fingers or jaws, usually made of steel or aluminum. Such devices work […]

Mix and match cup mount offers flexible configurations

Piab is introducing a flexible mounting system for suction cups that enables users to easily install and configure vacuum technology-based tools and fixtures perfectly tailored for handling, for instance, automotive body parts or plastic details. The company’s Flexible Suction Cup Mount comprises a broad range of interchangeable parts that make up a mix and match […]

Why does my compressor make water?

You may have noticed water coming out of your compressor. Some people ask where does it come from and why is it there? An additional important question to ask is: how well is it being removed? Atmospheric air contains water in vapor form, the amount depending on the temperature and relative humidity of the inlet […]

Aventics using additive manufacturing to produce small batches

What was once just a vision of the future has become reality in many industries: using 3D printing for series production. Aventics is now taking advantage of additive manufacturing in short runs. A company from the beauty industry was looking for a unique solution for an application in compression therapy. “Our focus wasn’t on large […]

Festo showcases solution for variable control of flow rate or fill level

Festo Corp. will introduce a new control solution for infinitely variable flow rate and fill level based on the DFPI linear pneumatic actuator at the International Powder & Bulk Solids Conference in Rosemont, Ill., April 24-26. The company also showcases its range of process valve solutions for clean or harsh environments where powders and bulk […]

What size of pipe should I used to connect my air compressor?

Quite often, the compressed air pipe connected to an air compressor is sized to the same diameter as the connection on the compressor outlet.  But this can be a mistake because it may lead to excessive pressure loss that can affect the operational efficiency of the compressor. For example, one manufacturer, to save costs, puts […]

Aventics participates in Future Day and Girls Day events

This spring, Aventics will again sponsor several campaigns aimed at getting young people interested in technology. By participating in “Girls Day” and “Future Day,” the pneumatics specialist hopes to draw the interest of children and youth in compressed air as a technology. On April 12, 2018, Aventics welcomed ten participants to its Girls Day in […]

How do I get an air cylinder to use less air?

An air cylinder’s compressed air use can often be accomplished by reducing pressure or use of other measures.  Air cylinders are common devices in pneumatic assemblies and are used to transmit linear force and motion.  The basic parts use a piston assembly connected to a rod within a tube.  The force produced by the air […]

Is it worth buying dew point control for an air dryer?

Dew point controls on desiccant dryers should definitely be considered.  If not controlled, the purge air circuit on a desiccant dryer will consume constant flow even through it might not be required.  This represents a significant area of waste in your compressed air system, but something can be improved with a retrofit. Purge air is […]

Festo to triple its Mason, Ohio manufacturing center with $90 million investment

  Growth continues for Festo Corp.’s North American manufacturing operations, as it announced, along with the City of Mason, Ohio, that it will expand its existing state-of-the-art Regional Service and Manufacturing Center in Mason by approximately 350,000 square feet. This will nearly triple the company’s capacity in logistics, production and industrial training solutions offered through its […]

What are common locations of pressure loss in compressed air systems?

A small fiberglass manufacturer had a problem.  There tools were not performing adequately; they would stall when production workers tried to really work them, reducing production throughput.  A compressed air auditor was called in to investigate, he found that the air compressors were running at 140 psi, as high as they could go, but the […]

If your cylinder is about to fail or starting to fail, how do you know?

If you have a pneumatic cylinder that is leaking, you may see reduced performance and speed. If you have a piston that is leaking you may have bypass going. You try and activate it on the cap side and air’s just flowing right across the piston to the rod side. In some cases, you may […]

Advanced vacuum pump technology from Leybold are clean, quiet and sustainable

Today, innovations for vacuum-based applications in laboratories, analytics and research and development are the drivers for a healthier and safer life. Modern vacuum technology must therefore offer cleanliness, low noise and sustainability in daily operation. With a vacuum portfolio developed in line with this requirement profile, Leybold presents its innovations at the leading Analytica trade fair from April10 to 13 […]

How do I set up a VSD compressor to run with a fixed speed?

If you have a variable speed drive (also called variable frequency drive) compressor installed in your system and want it to work correctly with your fixed speed compressors, then things need to work a little bit differently that normal.  A VSD compressor should be taking the partial load, with the fixed speed units either running […]

Why are pneumatic cylinders used over hydraulic ones?

Air cylinders are used primarily for their quick rate of cycling. By cycling I mean the rate at which they can cycle back and forth. The nature of pneumatics is that air cylinders will accelerate quickly, and move at a high velocity. For a given cylinder and plumbing size air moves more efficiently than does […]

Aventics releases new brochure on pneumatic solutions for life sciences

A new 16-page brochure titled “Integrated Solutions for Life Sciences” is available from Aventics. The company’s pneumatic products and technology can be found in all areas of life sciences. They prepare and distribute air, oxygen and medical gases in hospitals, and supply patients with oxygen through mobile oxygen concentrators. Pneumatic components make shock wave therapy […]