Fire-resistant, non-toxic hydraulic fluid available from Bel-Ray Co.


BelRay BioFR Hydraulic 46 fluidCalumet Specialty Products Partners, L.P. announced that Bel-Ray Co. LLC, a high-performance lubricant manufacturer, has released its No-Tox BioFR Hydraulic 46, a nontoxic fire-resistant hydraulic fluid. This new industrial lubricant is designed for severe operating conditions in hydraulic applications where petroleum and other synthetic hydraulic fluids create a potentially unsafe environment and where a fire hazard exists.

Factory Mutual tested and certified, No-Tox BioFR Hydraulic 46 is formulated to work in high-pressure hydraulic systems of up to 7,500 psi, and is nontoxic for use where incidental food contact may occur. The fluid’s naturally high viscosity index and shear stability ensures that the optimum viscosity is maintained across a wide range of temperatures from start up to optimal operating range. It is designed for superior system reliability, reducing varnish and sludge formation in valves, pipes and reservoirs. No-Tox BioFR Hydraulic 46 is also a certified HFD-U fire resistant fluid. Additionally No-Tox BioFR Hydraulic 46 is biodegradable, which reduces the environmental impact.

Bel-Ray Company LLC


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