The Fluid Power Technology Conference debuts in Milwaukee

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The Fluid Power Technology Conference will be held at MSOE’s Kern Center June 21 and 22.

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The inaugural Fluid Power Technology Conference, presented by Fluid Power World (FPW), will be held at the Milwaukee School of Engineering’s Kern Center Tuesday and Wednesday, June 21 and 22. This marks the first conference the FPW team has embarked upon and brings experts and users together at the one of the nation’s most innovative fluid power universities.

The majority of technical seminars will be led by MSOE Fluid Power Institute (FPI) and Professional Education and Research Development (PERD) faculty, as well as Carl Dyke, founder of CD Industrial Group and a Contributing Editor to FPW. Finally, several sponsors will be offering insight into specific technologies and applications throughout the two-day event.

Tuesday, June 21

Grohmann Museum rooftop_2

Optional tours include a tour of the Grohmann Museum.

Optional Tours (see sidebar below for descriptions)

9:00-10:00 and 10:30-11:30—Grohmann Museum, the Fluid Power Institute and Rapid Prototyping Center

Main Stage

1:00-1:45 p.m.—Opening keynote: Cutting-edge mobile hydraulic designPresented by Aleksandar Egelja, Engineering Manager–Advanced Engineering, Caterpillar. In his presentation, Egelja will discuss his team’s design and development of the 336EH hybrid excavator, as well as lessons learned. He will also describe where the technology is headed and what design engineers should know about the mobile hydraulic systems of tomorrow.

2:00-2:45—The myth buster: Cyclone HydraulicsPresented by Terry Glidden, Managing Director, and Bob Doll, Senior Application Engineer, Price Engineering. This session introduces the Cyclone Hydraulic Reservoir, which permits engineers to size reservoirs that are 20 times smaller than traditionally sized/shaped reservoirs. This provides space and weight savings for engine components and/or additional load capacity to help comply with Tier IV requirements.

2:45-3:30—How to maintain and troubleshoot hydraulic systemsPresented by Carl Dyke, CD Industrial Group. Dyke will present common component and system faults and logical methods for zeroing in on a fault. How symptoms are analyzed and clues are gathered will be reviewed from a perspective of knowing and measuring normal system performance. Learn methods for system maintenance that keep unplanned faults to a minimum. 

3:30-4:15—Virtual prototype through dynamic simulationPresented by Céline Cabana of FD-GROUPS America, North American subsidiary of FLUIDESIGN Group. This session will help define when and where dynamic simulation can be applied. Project examples will be used to determine the correct parameters when considering the use of multi-domain dynamic simulation for problem solving and new developments. Benefits of building a virtual prototype will be discussed in detail.

4:15-5:00—Properly applied electro-hydraulic componentsPresented by Tim Kerrigan, Assistant Director, FPI. On-Board Electronics (OBEs) can make a hydraulic system cleaner and simpler. But electrical devices and OBEs must be appropriate for the application, or they can become a maintenance nightmare. With the appropriate electrohydraulic components for a given application, the hydraulic system can be the ideal situation.

Breakout Stage

2:00-2:45—Properly applied cooling for hydraulic systemsPresented by Tim Kerrigan, Assistant Director, FPI. Kerrigan will address the pitfalls and challenges of achieving the appropriate cooling design for hydraulic systems. Critical factors of loading duty cycle, ambient conditions, heat exchanger design, coolant and more will be discussed.

2:45-3:30—Operating Cylinders in High Temp Applications, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and Cylinders, & Using RFID with Cylinders—Presented by Douglas Lacina, Global Marketing and Engineering Leader, and Pete Frymark, Product Engineering Manager, from Milwaukee Cylinder. This session will cover three separate topics: how to operate hydraulic cylinders in high-temperature environments, designing systems to remove risk using Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Certification, and the use of RFID with cylinders to optimize maintenance activities.

3:30-4:15—Pneumatics maintenance and troubleshootingPresented by Carl Dyke, CD Industrial Group. Maintenance personnel will gain an understanding of pneumatic principles, component design and function. Attendees will learn how to identify and explain actuators; pneumatic circuit and electro-pneumatic designs; apply logical steps in troubleshooting; and analyze air-over-oil circuit design and vacuum system diagrams for diagnosis and troubleshooting.

5:00—Cocktail hour and networking, Exhibit Floor

Wednesday, June 22

7:30-8:30—Breakfast, Exhibit Floor

Main Stage

8:30-9:00—Keynote presentation: Modern efficiencies, technological advances and sustainability in fluid powerPresented by Thomas Price Jr., CEO, Price Engineering. Price will highlight the opportunities in fluid power as they relate to advancing technologies of tomorrow. He will provide insight into sustainable and efficient fluid power solutions that our industry should consider for our future.


9:30-10:15—Roadmap to an application-specific hydraulic cylinderPresented by Tony Casassa, Aggressive Hydraulics. Learn how to optimize operating pressure based on force requirements and overall system configuration; select mounting style, including unusual and non-standard mounts; explore integrated linear position sensors; review integrated cartridge valve manifolds and environmental exposure; and more.

10:15-11:00—The value of the fluid power distributor in a changing worldPresented by Bill Tulloch, Executive VP of Flodraulic Group. The term “distributor” has taken on new meaning. It’s no longer about “moving boxes” through the supply chain efficiently. Tulloch will present the value of the continually evolving role of the fluid power distributor as an integral member of the manufacturer’s marketing team and customer’s engineering team.

11:00-11:45—Common QD issues and their solutionsPresented by CEJN North America. This session will address common QD (Quick Disconnect) obstacles for hydraulic applications, such as issues with connection under residual pressure, connecting multiple lines efficiently and ways to resolve these issues.

11:45-1:00—Lunch and networking, Exhibit Floor

1:00-1:45—Rapid reverse engineering for legacy partsPresented by Joe Munski, Fluid Power Test Engineer, FPI. This session will discuss the proper application of 3D scanning for retrofitting applications. Typical driving decision factors for the replacement selection are fit, form and function. 3D modeling addresses the “fit” while we use 3D scanning of legacy components and systems in situ.

1:45-2:30—Cyclical testing in fluid power applications: Why frequency matters in sinusoidal testingPresented by Peter Nachtwey, President of Delta Computer Systems. Cyclical testing is of growing importance for documenting life cycle data on items such as tools, verification of product components or cylindrical medical gas containers. While virtually any curve profile or cyclical pattern can be used during testing, this presentation will focus on sinusoidal testing and the practical limitations of sine wave use. 


2:45-3:30—Electrohydraulics troubleshooting and motion controlPresented by Carl Dyke, CD Industrial Group. Proportional valves, servovalves and fine motion control systems offer unique challenges. Emphasis will be on the internal workings and normal operating characteristics of complex valves, making system adjustments, maintenance checks for proper operation, and troubleshooting tips.

3:30-4:15—System modeling and simulationPresented by Dr. Medhat Khalil, Director of PERD. This session focuses on the technique of building mathematical models with the least amount of design parameters to help application engineers involved in modeling systems. The adopted modeling process of a component is based on existing data published by the component’s manufacturer. If the data is missing, the presentation discusses how to identify the dynamics experimentally.

4:15-5:00—Closing keynote: Importance of contamination control in hydraulic systemsPresented by Tom Wanke, CFPE Director of the FPI. About 70 to 80% of hydraulic system failures result from contaminants in the hydraulic system. This presentation will cover the types, sources and effects of contaminants on hydraulic components and systems. Methods and technologies will be discussed to eliminate, reduce and/or control contamination levels for improved reliability and optimal performance.

Breakout Stage

10:15-11:00—Energy saving in pneumatic systemsPresented by Douglas Lauer, CFPPS, Product Specialist SMC. This session will define and explain the benefits of energy conservation, define areas where energy conservation can be applied and realize energy saving opportunities. Attendees will learn how to monitor air flow and target areas for savings, such as actuators, fittings and tubing.

11:00-11:45—Advanced mobile with load sense hydraulicsPresented by Carl Dyke, CD Industrial Group. This course is designed for personnel who are charged with the care of mobile equipment with load sensing hydraulic systems. Animations and interactive simulations will be used as this session looks at load sensing hydraulic system functions, and how to test, adjust and troubleshoot them.

11:45-1:00—Lunch and networking, Exhibit Floor

1:45-2:30—Leveraging TPM (Total Proactive Maintenance) in maintenance of fluid power equipmentPresented by Kate Kerrigan, Operations Director, Allied Reliability Group. Kerrigan will reveal how to look at future world-class reliability and plan a route to achieve that state by leveraging TPM, no matter where you are starting out, even with less budget, less capital and less manpower.

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Get an inside look at MSOE and the FPI

Attendees will have an opportunity to participate in optional tours before the conference begins on Tuesday morning at 9 and 10:30 a.m. Space is limited, so sign up quickly.

Tours include the following:

20090422_CCEFP_FPI_photos_MG_9120Fluid Power Institute—For more than 50 years, FPI has been a leader in fluid power research and education by providing practical integrated solutions for fluid power components and systems to world renown manufacturers, OEMs, distributors, users and the U.S. DOD by using experienced faculty, staff and students. FPI has three major focus areas: Engineering Services, Tribology Services, and Test and Evaluation Programs. FPI’s campus lab facility has various hydraulic power units and test systems that can readily be configured to run a wide variety of test procedures and protocols.

20130219_RPC_Extra_Shoot_17_REVRapid Prototyping Center—The RPC is an industrially supported laboratory focused on additive manufacturing/3D printing technology. RPC has the resources and 25 years of hands-on experience to apply to your challenges. Whether you need a functional prototype or insight into new manufacturing processes, the center provides additive manufacturing services, applied research, product/process development support, and educational services for its 40+ industrial consortium members.

20071027_Museum_opens__(1)The Grohmann Museum—Named in honor of Dr. Eckhart Grohmann, an MSOE Regent, Milwaukee businessman and avid art collector, who donated this collection to MSOE in 2001 and subsequently the funds to purchase, renovate and operate the museum, The Eckhart G. Grohmann Collection “Man at Work” comprises more than 1,000 paintings and sculptures from 1580 to the present. They reflect a variety of artistic styles and subjects that document the evolution of organized work.

Finally, all attendees will have opportunities to connect with presenters, sponsors and FPW staff in the intimate exhibit space—as well as a cocktail hour Tuesday evening following the final presentation. Sponsors include: Aggressive Hydraulics, CEJN, Delta Computer Systems, FD Groups America, Flodraulic, FluiDyne, Grimstad, HED Intelligent Vehicle Controls, International Fluid Power Society, Lynch Fluid Controls Inc., Milwaukee Cylinder, OEM Controls Inc., Price Engineering, SMC and Webtec.

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