Hydraulic motors at IFPE 2017


The triennial IFPE trade show and conference is in less than two weeks at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Slated for March 7-11, this event features nearly 500 fluid power exhibitors and gives attendees a chance to see the latest in hydraulic motor offerings. Here you can learn how they are constructed and used on mobile machinery. Below, you will find a listing of IFPE 2017 exhibitors who will be displaying their hydraulic motors, as listed on the IFPE exhibitor list.


Image courtesy of FluiDyne Fluid Power

When a mobile application requires rotational rather than linear energy, machines use hydraulic motors. These applications can include grinders, fans, mixers, wheel drives, augers and more. Like pumps, hydraulic motors come in a variety of styles, including orbital, vane, gear and piston types—bent-axis, radial and axial.

Hydraulic energy is converted into rotational energy through the use of motors. Their torque output is a factor of both motor displacement (the theoretical volume of fluid the motor requires to rotate one revolution) and operating pressure. Additionally, a hydraulic motor’s horsepower output is a factor of torque and speed (generally described in revolutions per minute, or rpm)

Each motor type excels in a few applications, but could function as a compromise in others. Orbital motors are the most polyonymous of the group, going by such monikers as low-speed/high-torque (LSHT), gerotor, geroller, and disc valve, to name a few. Mind you, the last three are actually different configurations of the same type of motor—however, their general function is the same, by using an off-set shaft inside-gear arrangement, with either a spool or disc valve.

Orbital motors are the least efficient type (although each motor type has a relatively efficient sweet spot in their pressure and speed curves), but excel at low-speed, high-torque applications, and are also very economical. They are found on the majority of farm-duty applications, such as conveyors or spreaders, and every application where price is the major consideration.

Gear motors are very simple, using the same drive- and idle-gear layout as gear pumps, and although they are not any more efficient than orbital motors for the most part, they are inexpensive and work well at higher speeds. They are most often used when such a combination is required, such as cooling fan drives or pump drives.

Vane motors are the least common of the major types, but are respectable in their efficiency and speed output. They can also be had in large displacements, making them a good choice for high torque applications. They use a rotor with fixed vanes, just as vane pumps, although some manufacturers use a more complicated design with vanes on the housing as well. These motors can be seen in applications such as winches or drill rigs.

Piston motors are hard to beat in their output and efficiency. The bent-axis piston motor is the champion of high-speed operation, and can do so with huge amounts of pressure and torque. Their bent-axis design also makes them very reliable, able to handle 5,000-6,000 psi “’til the cows come home.” They’re used in any application where ultra-high speed and torque are required, such as grinders or vacuum pump drives. They’re not cheap, but they are unmatched in their power density.

The radial piston motor is the torque king of the hydraulic motor empire, not only available in gigantic displacements, but also extremely efficient in creating that torque. They’re not as fast as bent-axis motors, but are the top choice for wheel drives or other direct-drive high torque applications. It should be noted that while no piston-type motor can be called inexpensive, they at least provide unparalleled performance at any price.

Hydraulic motor manufacturers and suppliers at IFPE
(Please note, list may not be complete as changes are made regularly to the IFPE suppliers’ categories pages and companies are responsible for selecting categories.)

Exhibitor Name Booth Number
Aber SL80027
Anfield Industries Inc S80749
Bailey International LLC S83240
Bezares USA S82810
Bonfiglioli Riduttori SpA S81740
Bosch Rexroth Corp S80214
Brevini Fluid Power S82218
Bucher Hydraulics S81916
Concentric AB S80806
Cross Manufacturing Co. S81322
Dana Incorporated S84712
Danfoss Power Solutions, Inc S80730
DOGA, S.A. B92513
Eaton Hydraulics Business S80230
FluiDyne Fluid Power S80634
Galtech S82240
HANSA-TMP s.r.l. S80142
Hengli America Co. Inc. S81440
High-Tech Fluid Power Co Ltd S82040
Hydrocontrol Inc S82240
Hydro Leduc S83752
Hydrosila S82843
International FPA S83630
Kawasaki Hydraulics S80506
KYB Americas Corporation S80742
Linde Hydraulics Corporation S81129
Muncie Power Products S82240
Nachi America Inc S81005
Ningbo Zhongyi Hydraulic Motor Co., Ltd. S81952
North American Hydraulics S82118
Poclain Hydraulics S81640
Professional Hydraulic Industrial Co., Ltd. S82209
PVS Sensors/Dynamic Fluid Components S82813
Raymar Hydraulics S80054
Ronzio Oleodinamica srl S80147
Roquet Hydraulics, S.L. S81306
SAI Hydraulics Inc S83501
Salami SpA S83601
Swanson Industries G71207
SunSource S81039
United Hydraulics LLC C20938
Walvoil Fluid Power Corp S82240
White Drive Products S81830
Whitford Corporation G74223
WTC Machinery LLC G71624
Young Powertech Inc S83318
Zhenjiang DaLi Hydraulic Motor. Co., Ltd. S82144


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