Lightning Hybrids expands its UK facilities


Lightning Hybrids, which manufactures hydraulic-hybrid propulsion systems for trucks and buses, has doubled the space it of its UK facility as it aims to expand its international business.

Bonnie Trowbridge, company spokesperson, said that sales were promising in England, so moved from its office outside London—which was established in 2015— to the Motor Industry Research Association’s MIRA Technology Park.

According to the MIRA website, The MIRA transport technology park features one of the most comprehensive automotive proving grounds in Europe, and over 30 major engineering test facilities.

“We doubled the square footage we have there – office space and shop space, and increased our staff there from one to four people,” Trowbridge said. “It’s not enough room to manufacture, but certainly enough for the development and testing that is happening on the MIRA track.”

Two of the new employees are engineers. “The engineers in the UK are supporting the vehicles we have on the ground there now as well and new applications in the UK, Europe and India,” she continued. “We plan to manufacture there when volume warrants it.”

At its headquarters in Loveland, Colo., the company has been designing and developing parallel hydraulic hybrid systems for about a decade. Designed to dramatically reduce fuel costs and cut emissions, the system uses pumps and an accumulator to capture energy from regenerative braking.

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