RMF Systems develops large-volume hydraulic fluid filtration solution


RMF Systems - MultiPure 400 pixMost standard fitted system filters contain fiberglass filter elements, which don’t remove particles smaller than 3 micron. Within high-pressure hydraulic applications, cluttering of smaller particles can quickly result in the development of varnish, an increase of the TAN value and a significant reduction of the lubrication quality of the oil.

The MultiPure applies the Radial Micro Filtration technology. The filter elements in the MultiPure consist of 200 layers of cellulose, and are especially designed to remove even the smallest particles under low flow and pressure circumstances. Removing these small particles results in significantly cleaner oil, a lower TAN value and the oil will keep its lubrication characteristics. This can result in considerable cost savings, especially with large volumes of hydraulic fluids.

The filter elements in the MultiPure are also capable of removing dissolved water from the hydraulic fluid. Removing both water and metal particles will significantly reduce oxidation of the fluid. The result will be an extended service life of both fluid and system components, less downtime and maintenance and therefore lower costs of ownership.

RMF Systems MultiPure Cellulose Filter ElementsThe MultiPure comes as a skid design, combining 12 highly efficient cellulose filter elements in a carbon steel housing. The robust steel pump with integrated safety guarantees a stable flow of the oil. Additionally the MultiPure can be equipped with a Condition Monitoring Centre, providing you with real time status information. The Condition Monitoring Centre can be outfitted with various sensors, like a particle counter, an oil degradation sensor and a water sensor. The collected data enables you to perform condition based maintenance instead of performing unnecessary maintenance based just on elapsed time.

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