Spectronic’s Oil-Glo and Water-Glo fluorescent leak detection dyes quickly find leaks


The Spectroline Oil-Glo and Water-Glo series ultraviolet fluorescent dyes are designed to detect leaks in all circulating fluid systems, including fuel, synthetic, lubricant, petroleum, water, and water/glycol-based systems. Just add a small amount of dye to the system and let it circulate. All leaks will glow brightly when scanned with a high-intensity Spectroline leak detection lamp.

OIL-GLO-44-Industrial-application-with-CNC-machineThese customizable dyes fluoresce in many colors such as yellow, white, green, bright blue, red, and more. Use different colored dyes at the same time to detect leaks in different systems. Users simply scan the area to find leaks quickly. The dye color used reveals which system is leaking.

Equipment downtime is decreased whenOil-Glo and Water-Glo series dyes are used as part of a preventative maintenance plan. They can be used to extend equipment’s life expectancy and reduce major repairs, thus saving save time and money.

Studies have found industrial equipment uses four times the amount of fluid necessary for its intended use. If a leak takes too long to find, it is common practice for operators to only replace the lost fluid and not fix the leak.

It has been estimated over 100 million gallons (380 million liters) of hydraulic fluid could be saved every year, in North America alone, if leakage were eliminated.

A hydraulic fluid leak of one drop per second translates into 420 U.S. gallons (1,600 L) lost per year. At $5 per gallon, the cost of this leakage would be approximately $2,100 per year.

Oil-Glo and Water-Glo fluorescent dyes are registered to meet food-grade processing requirements. Oil-Glo dyes meet category codes HTX-2 and HX-2. Water-Glo dyes meet category codes G7, GX, and HTX-2.

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