Friction cups grip slippery materials


Piab DURAFLEX friction cups provide a firm grip on slippery materials. To simplify the task of engineering them into a design, the Hingham, Mass. based company offers an updated DURAFLEX Friction Cups poster, suitable for wall hanging. The poster shows all available suction cups with part numbers for 10 different types of fittings to suit a machine’s connection. There is also a table of lifting forces and measurements to help guide suction cup selection.

Piab friction cups

This line of suction cups provides an excellent grip on oily and wet surfaces, according to Piab officials. The cups’ special grip pattern lets operators safely and reliably move slippery metal goods without slowing production lines. This offering from Piab, an innovator in industrial vacuum technology, allows manufacturers to reduce product droppage and lower scrap rates.

The friction cups feature a rough cleat surface and sharp cleat edges and channels. This design creates greater friction and a stronger hold compared to traditional traction suction cups. Normal cup abrasion resulting from handling oily sheets does not degrade the shear force performance of Piab’s friction cups over time. The added durability of the cups extends useful life for long-term reliability.

The Piab cups maintain their hold on heavy and slippery sheets during accelerations and de-accelerations, especially in the instance of emergency stoppages. All parts are maintained in the proper position to facilitate applications such as stamping, reducing scrapped products and improving overall line sustainability. Made of DURAFLEX polyurethane, Piab’s friction cups will not break or crack after exposure to ultraviolet light, heat or ozone, which is an issue with cups made of rubber compounds.

To prevent damage to the surface of thin metal sheets common in automotive and large appliance applications, the products feature a dual-hardness design and soft cup body. Lower vacuum force is needed to seal the cups to part surfaces for gentler handling. The soft lip of Piab’s friction cups also molds easily to curved surfaces for less vacuum leakage and a stronger grip.

The cups also maintain their elastic memory and original shape for an expanded life cycle. Replacing fewer cups results in costs savings and waste reduction, helping manufacturers meet their sustainability goals. Additionally, the durability and effectiveness of Piab’s friction cups enable manufacturers to use fewer cups if production speeds allow.



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