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In our latest Product Spotlight video, Fluid Power World Editorial Director Paul Heney and Managing Editor Mary Gannon discuss Humphrey Product Co.'s ProControl electronic pressure regulators, which provide excellent closed-loop proportional pressure control by incorporating a unique, dual proportional valve design.

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Green Fluid Power Technology

IN MANY ways, green fluid power technology is just starting to hit its stride. Twenty years ago, a green, efficiency-minded design was little more than a feather in the cap of a fluid power system. If the fluid power industry wasn’t actively fueling its dirty technology reputation, it wasn’t working too hard to fix it

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Bar Stock

THE TERM bar stock is often used in fluid power settings, but it can refer to either one of two quite different things. It can mean piston rod bar stock, the metal rods used in cylinders, or the metal used for manifolds, subplate mounts, and plumbing. This section will examine all of these uses.  PISTON

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International Fluid Power Society relaunches fluid power electronic controls specialist certification

The International Fluid Power Society with support from Eaton Corporation recently relaunched its much awaited Electronic Controls Specialist certification. The ECS certification is designed to review and test understanding, specification, and application of the full breadth of electronics used in the fluid power industry from simple sensors and limits to HMIs, controllers, and networks. It

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Learn how to optimize your fluid power distributor relationship

Successful use of fluid power technology is often dependent on a good relationship with a qualified distributor. This is why attendees to the Fluid Power Technology Conference, presented by Fluid Power World, will have a chance to hear from one such distributor on this topic. “The Value of the Fluid Power Distributor in a Changing

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Balluff receives 2016 Employee Development Award

Balluff was recently named a 2016 Corporate College Award Winner by Gateway Corporate College. Gateway Corporate College recognizes exemplary partners annually at their awards breakfast. On June 2nd, Balluff was recognized for Comprehensive Investment in Employee Development. “With a focus on both current workforce and future pipeline candidates, Balluff, Inc. has implemented a comprehensive approach

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Learn all about cyclical testing in fluid power applications

Attendees to the Fluid Power Technology Conference, presented by Fluid Power World, will have plenty of opportunities to learn from industry experts—as well as pneumatic and hydraulic manufacturers—at the...

Mobile Hydraulic Tips

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Gain insight into energy saving in pneumatic systems at the Fluid Power Technology Conference

Attendees to the Fluid Power Technology Conference, presented by Fluid Power World, will have ample opportunities to learn from industry experts and pneumatic and hydraulic manufacturers at the...

Pneumatic Tips

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